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Foscam Pan Tilt 1080p HD WiFi IP Camera with 7m Night Vision, MicroSD

  • Simple to set up WiFi IP camera with mobile access
  • Uses Foscam's popular plug and play viewing software
  • Records high resolution video in 1080p HD
  • Remotely move pan and tilt the camera using the in-app controls
  • Records footage to internal MicroSD slot (card not included)
  • Makes an ideal nanny cam or pet camera
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  • SAVE £ 21.00 £ 118.99 Inc. VAT
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1080p HD Tiny Pinhole Spy Camera - 0.0008 Low Lux, 4-in-1

  • Absolutely tiny pinhole CCTV camera for covert security
  • Captures 1080p Full HD video with excellent detail
  • Pinhole lens records through tiny gaps, keeping camera concealed
  • 4-in-1 camera works with TVI, CVI, AHD and CVBS systems
  • Works in ultra low light conditions, down to 0.0008 lux
  • Includes power supply and controller for menu
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  • SAVE £ 10.50 £ 59.49 Inc. VAT

5MP HD Tiny Pinhole Spy Camera - 3-in-1, OSD Controller

  • Our smallest ever pinhole camera, ideal for covert security
  • Captures video at up to 5MP (2688x1920) resolution
  • Pinhole lens can see through tiny gaps, keeping camera hidden
  • 3-in-1 technology works with TVI, AHD & CVBS systems
  • Sensitive recording in unlit areas down to 0.1lux
  • Includes power supply and menu for controller
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  • SAVE £ 12.15 £ 68.85 Inc. VAT

Door Peephole Spy Camera with Wide Angle Lens

  • Door peephole spy camera - perfect for front door security
  • See who is outside on a TV or record with a DVR
  • Drill spy hole camera into any door or surface
  • Waterproof, wide-angle spy hole door camera lens
  • Discrete size (about the width of a 2p coin)
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  • SAVE £ 6.30 £ 35.70 Inc. VAT
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2.4Ghz Wireless Mini Hidden Spy Pinhole Camera 700 TV Lines

  • Wireless 2.4Ghz Pinhole Spy Camera
  • High Quality 700TV Line CMOS Imaging Sensor
  • Measures 56x60x45mm with removable stand
  • Changeable Channel (1-4) with Switches on back
  • Wireless Range 50m Unobstructed, 20m Obstructed
  • THIS IS A CAMERA ONLY, receiver not supplied
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  • SAVE £ 4.50 £ 25.49 Inc. VAT
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Low Light HD Pinhole Spy Camera Kit with Recorder

  • Tiny pinhole spy camera kit with CCTV DVR
  • Our smallest camera - measures only 25x25mm
  • Captures detailed video in 1080 HD resolution
  • Works right down to 0.0008 lux, ideal for badly lit areas
  • Includes 4 channel recorder with adjustable motion detection
  • Connect DVR to router to allow remote access via PC or mobile
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  • SAVE £ 21.60 £ 122.40 Inc. VAT

Low Light HD Outdoor Spy Camera Kit with Recorder

  • Covert security kit with outdoor bullet camera and recorder
  • Includes tiny "lipstick" style weatherproof camera
  • Camera records sharp details in 1080p HD resolution
  • Works down to 0.0008 lux, suitable for unlit areas
  • 4 Channel recorder includes adjustable motion detection
  • DVR connects to your network, allowing PC or mobile access
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  • SAVE £ 23.85 £ 135.15 Inc. VAT

Spy Camera Coffee Cup - 1080p HD, Wifi, MicroSD Storage

  • Tiny spy camera built into the lid of a to-go coffee cup
  • Captures high resolution 1080p HD video clips
  • Fits most standard 90mm disposable coffee cups
  • View and record clips from mobile devices using Wifi
  • Battery allows continuous recording for up to 180 minutes
  • Records to built in MicroSD slot (card not included)
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  • £ 269.95 Inc. VAT

HD Spy Key Fob - 1080p Camera with Wifi, 16GB MicroSD

  • Spy camera entirely concealed inside standard key fob
  • Records high resolution 1080p HD video, packed with detail
  • Small enough to clip onto your keys and carry in your pocket
  • Footage is time & date stamped, essential for law enforcement
  • View & record clips from your mobile device using Wifi
  • Built in battery allows over an hour of recording
  • Kit includes 16GB MicroSD card
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  • £ 199.99 Inc. VAT

HD Spy Camera In Car Phone Holder - 1080p MicroSD DVR, Night Vision

  • Tiny spy camera concealed inside in car mobile phone holder
  • Captures 1080p HD videos packed with detail
  • Infrared LEDs provide night vision for inside the vehicle
  • Built-in battery allows up to 3 hours of recording
  • Kit includes 16GB MicroSD card as standard
  • Suction mount attaches to window or dashboard
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  • £ 249.95 Inc. VAT

Spy USB Charger - 1080p HD, Wifi, MicroSD Storage, Mains Power

  • Tiny covert camera hidden inside USB mains charger
  • Records high resolution video clips in 1080p Full HD
  • Plugs into wall socket and works as 5V USB charger
  • Wifi access lets you view and record video from mobile
  • Draws power from mains, no battery or charging required
  • Records to built-in MicroSD slot (card not included)
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  • SAVE £ 37.49 £ 212.46 Inc. VAT

HD Pinhole Spy Camera with 1080p Portable Touchscreen DVR, Wifi

  • Body worn pinhole spy camera with portable mini DVR
  • Records high resolution video in 1080p HD quality
  • Low light camera works in conditions as dark as 0.03 lux
  • Recorder features 3 inch colour touchscreen
  • Built in battery allows up to 180 minutes recording time
  • Wifi access allows you to view and control camera from mobile
  • Ideal kit for mystery shoppers, journalists & investigators
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  • SAVE £ 70.49 £ 399.46 Inc. VAT

Desktop Spy Alarm Clock - 1080p HD, MicroSD Storage, PIR Detection

  • Desktop alarm clock & weather station hiding tiny spy camera
  • Records detailed video in 1080p HD quality
  • Built in PIR detector uses body heat to trigger recording
  • Rechargeable battery allows up to 3 hours continuous use
  • Includes 16GB MicroSD card for recording footage
  • PIR allows standby time of up to 9 days
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  • SAVE £ 37.49 £ 212.46 Inc. VAT

HD Spy Power Bank - 1080p Camera with Wifi, MicroSD Storage

  • Tiny spy camera hidden inside functioning USB power bank
  • Records 1080p Full HD video for highly detailed images
  • Connect using Wifi to view & control camera from your phone
  • Remotely log in to view from anywhere in the world
  • Allows continuous recording for up to 6.5 hours
  • Includes 16GB MicroSD for storing footage
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  • SAVE £ 41.99 £ 237.96 Inc. VAT

HD Spy Headphones - 1080p Camera with Wifi, MicroSD Storage

  • Spy camera concealed inside one ear of wireless headphones
  • Captures detail packed 1080p Full HD video
  • Forward facing camera captures everything in front of you
  • Functional headphones can play music stored on MicroSD card
  • Rechargeable battery allows over 2 hours continuous recording
  • Kit includes 16GB MicroSD card for storing footage
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  • SAVE £ 44.99 £ 254.96 Inc. VAT

Spy Cameras

Welcome to the home of the UK's best covert spy cameras. Browse our range of spy cameras ideal for covert surveillance in the home or office.

Disguised Spy Cameras

Don't be fooled by first impressions - every product in this category may look like an innocuous item, but if you look closely they all conceal a hidden spy camera! The most popular styles of housing for our hidden cameras are smoke detectors and PIR sensors. Both of these can be installed in plain sight in an office, shop or your home and people in the room won't give them a second look. We stock cameras with a range of different technologies from simple plug-and-play HD-TVI cameras to IP cameras that record over a network.

Pinhole Spy Cameras

Whilst disguised spy cameras are ideal for many applications, sometimes you just need to keep the camera completely out of sight. In situations like these, the best option is usually a pinhole spy camera. These use a tiny conical lens capable of recording through gaps as narrow as 2mm, letting you easily conceal the camera out of view with only a tiny part of the lens exposed. Our vast range includes everything from wired HD cameras to models suitable for use in challenging low light conditions.

Hidden Spy Camera Recorders

These all-in-one gadgets feature onboard storage so that they can record footage without a separate recorder. Our popular range of battery-powered cameras removes the need for running cables entirely making them both portable and more discreet. These are ideal if you want to leave a camera in place temporarily and set it to record would-be intruders or pen thieves. You can watch back footage at a later date to catch your criminal in the act.

Spy Camera Systems

If you want full control over recording several spy cameras then take a look at our covert camera kits. These pair up our tiny pinhole cameras to our advanced CCTV recorders. This allows you to record footage to a disc with a time stamp such that it can be used as evidence in a police case. You can use the recorder's customisable motion detection and scheduling features to fine-tune what you want recording. You can even connect up the recorder to the internet so that you can remotely watch the cameras when you are away from the premises.

Choosing your spy camera

Some things are worth considering to help you choose the right hidden camera for you. Does it need to be battery powered or can it be wired to a power source? How do you want to view or record your footage? How long do you need to record for? Some battery powered cameras have a limited lifespan for recording before needing to be recharged. If you're not sure then get in touch and let us know what you're using a hidden camera for.

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