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WiFi PIR Sensor Hidden Spy Camera with Motion Detection 720p HD

  • Wireless IP camera hidden inside a PIR sensor
  • Camera Footage can be viewed over a WiFi network
  • View live footage remotely on a mobile device
  • Records high resolution colour video at 720 HD
  • Included Software allows Motion Detection monitoring
  • Records to PC or MicroSD card (card not included)
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Gamut 1080p HD TVI Mini Covert Pinhole Spy Camera

  • HD pinhole camera for discreet surveillance
  • Uses TVI technology to send 1080p HD footage
  • Captures video in low-light conditions
  • Covert camera body measures just 35 x 35 x 20 mm
  • Connects to TVI HD DVR recorders with the BNC connector
  • Perfect for home or office security surveillance
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Peephole Door Camera and SD Card Recorder DVR, Who is at the door?

  • Security Peephole Door Camera and DVR package
  • Mini 1 Channel DVR recorder with Motion Detection feature
  • Wide angle spy hole door camera for the best view
  • Record TV quality video to SD Card, D1 720 x 576
  • Easy to set up, playback from Laptop or TV
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Small Pinhole Spy Camera with SD Record DVR

  • Perfect for Covert Security
  • Wireless Small Pinhole Spy Camera and DVR Pack
  • Tiny Wireless 700TVL 2.4GHz Colour Pinhole Spy Camera
  • Advanced 1 Channel DVR allows Motion Detection
  • Record High Quality D1 720 x 576 Video at 25FPS
  • Wireless Signal up to 50M Unobstructed Range
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1080p HD Pinhole Spy Camera - TVI 4-in-1, Low Light

  • Tiny covert spy camera, ideal for stock room security
  • Captures detail packed, 1920x1080 Full HD images
  • 4-in-1 video is compatible with TVI, AHD, CVI and analogue
  • Pinhole lens can record through gaps as narrow as 2mm
  • Camera only measures 37x37x20mm, making it easy to conceal
  • Low light sensor records in colour down to 1 Lux
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2.4Ghz Wireless Mini Hidden Spy Pinhole Camera 700 TV Lines

  • Wireless 2.4Ghz Pinhole Spy Camera
  • High Quality 700TV Line CMOS Imaging Sensor
  • Measures 56x60x45mm with removable stand
  • Changeable Channel (1-4) with Switches on back
  • Wireless Range 50m Unobstructed, 20m Obstructed
  • THIS IS A CAMERA ONLY, receiver not supplied
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2 Wireless Spy Camera Covert Home Security System with 1TB Hybrid DVR

  • Covert system includes 2 Mini Wireless Spy Cameras
  • Tiny pinhole cameras can see through gaps 2mm wide
  • Cameras can transmit video up to 50m
  • System includes Hikvision Easy TVI DVR with 1TB Hard Drive
  • Recorder features Motion Detection and network access
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  • SAVE £ 50.75 £ 200.75 Inc. VAT
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Hikvision Covert Spy Camera - HD with Remote Access, MicroSD Recorder

  • HD covert spy camera and recorder kit from Hikvision
  • WDR and low Lux recording retains detail even in poor lighting
  • Captures crisp and clear images in 960p HD resolution
  • Connects to compact MicroSD recorder with 8m cable
  • Allows remote access to watch over PC or mobile device
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Spy Cameras

Welcome to the top secret section of our website, home to our hidden cameras for home or business surveillance. There's something to suit all of your 007 needs including hidden cameras inside every day objects like alarm clocks, smoke detectors and spy pens that record to a micro SD card.

Our customers use hidden cameras for a variety of purposes from catching an office sandwich thief, a cheating partner, working as a mystery shopper or even just for for security for their home or business. We've heard all of the stories (not a lot can shock us now) with our years of experience speaking to customers over the telephone and using their individual scenario to find the ideal hidden camera for them. You can call our team of experts on 0117 325 2470 for a advice on choosing the right product for you.

Some things worth considering to help you choose the right hidden camera for you. Does it need to be battery powered or can it be wired to a power source? How do you want to view your footage, on a PC? How long do you need to record for? Some battery powered cameras have a limited lifespan for recording before needing to be recharged. If you're not sure then get in touch and let us know what you're using a hidden camera for.
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