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Bird Box Cameras

Wireless Bird Box Camera with Night Vision (Spare camera only)

  • Green Feathers additional wireless bird box camera with night vision
  • 700TVL video resolution - the best wireless image quality available
  • Invisible infra-red night vision
  • Wide angle 2.8mm lens gives 130-degree field of view
  • Camera only, receiver supplied separately
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Wireless Bird Box Camera Buying Guide

How do bird box cameras work?

Bird box cameras are tiny cameras, no larger than a matchbox, which can be fitted inside of a bird nest box to give you a fascinating window into the world of your garden birds. You can connect the camera receiver to a television, laptop, PC or for some cameras your iPad, so you can enjoy your footage from the comfort of home.

Do bird box cameras record?

We do have bird box cameras that can record to a computer or a DVR, but you will need to add a USB video capture device or a DVR to your kit to have this function. There’s more information on connecting to a laptop or PC further down the page.

Most of our cameras are designed for simply watching live on a TV or monitor, but we do have have some kits that can record to a computer using a USB connector. Also, all of our cameras can be connected to an external recorder if you want to record large amounts of footage

How do I connect a bird box camera to a laptop or PC?

We’ve bundled together our classic wireless bird box camera with a USB video capture device which allows you to connect the receiver box to your laptop or PC. This allows you to record your audio and footage to your computer for easy viewing and editing at a later date. Simply install the iSpy software on your PC and plug in the video capture device. This device includes excellent features such as motion detection and scheduled recording so you only record the best bits to watch later.

How do I connect a bird box camera to a TV?

Most of our bird box cameras include a receiver with an audio and video phono cable which can be connected to most televisions, allowing you to live view the footage being picked up on your bird box camera. For wireless bird box cameras the receiver will pick up the transmission from the camera (up to 50m away) allowing you to live watch what’s going on inside the nest box. The kit uses standard RCA connectors. Whilst some modern TVs will not have these as standard, they will usually include an adapter with the correct plugs.

How do I put a camera in a bird box?

Our bird box cameras are all very small, measuring about the size of a match box, which allows them to fit neatly inside most nest boxes. The included bracket allows you to screw the camera to the wall of the nest box, placing the camera up and out of the way of the nesting birds.

Can I buy a battery operated bird box camera?

You do have the option to add a rechargeable battery to your bird box camera which saves running cables across the garden to power the bird box camera. This does have its downfalls however, as the battery will only last so long. Depending on the size of the battery and the camera you have, it could last up to 10 hours, maybe 20hrs for a larger battery. Just remember- Lithium batteries are not waterproof, so if you want to use them outside then you’ll need to protect them in a junction box or case.

Can I watch the bird box camera on my iPad?

Yes! We are the first UK company to offer an IP bird box camera which means that the signal from the camera can be sent down a network cable which can be connected (via a POE Injector) to your WiFi router. You can watch from your laptop or PC or from your smartphone or tablet wherever you are using the free app! This camera also boasts 960p HD images so it’s our crispest, clearest bird box camera yet.

What’s the range on your bird box camera?

Our wireless bird box camera can reach up to 50m range between the camera and the receiver, but the wireless signal can be reduced if there’s interference. For longer distances or properties with a lot of interference then we would recommend our wired bird box camera for a reliable and high quality image. In order to help prevent interference issues our wireless cameras also feature channel selector switches. This means that if there is any picture breakdown you can easily flick them to a different channel that is not effected.

What is the best bird box camera?

We continuously test and improve our bird box cameras and we’re always updating the quality of our cameras. We offer wireless and wired bird box cameras and we now offer the UKs first IP bird box camera which can be viewed from your tablet or smartphone. All of our bird box cameras offer 700TVL minimum which is a fantastic image quality for such a small camera, and for those wanting an HD experience then our IP camera is the way to go.

All of our bird box cameras come with a 3 year guarantee with our UK technical support team here to help you with any hiccups whilst getting setup.

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