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12V DC Rechargeable Li-On Lithium 6800mAh Battery for Security Cameras

  • Portable rechargeable battery for 12V CCTV cameras
  • High 6800mAh battery capacity (up to 36 hours)
  • Lithium Battery perfect for Wireless CCTV Cameras
  • Battery Compatible with DC 12V IR and Spy Cameras
  • Use high capacity battery for portable CCTV solution
  • Li-On Battery Charger, Cable and Manual included
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  • SAVE £ 6.84 £ 27.06 Inc. VAT

5 Metre DC Power Extension Cable with 1.3mm/3.5mm Jack

  • DC Power Extension Cable with male & female connectors
  • 1.3mm inner pin and 3.5mm outer diameter jack
  • Compatible with our 8V bird box cameras and pinhole cameras
  • WORKS WITH: Our 700TVL wireless bird box cameras and spy cameras
  • DOES NOT WORK WITH: Wifi bird box cameras or 5V devices
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  • SAVE £ 1.09 £ 4.32 Inc. VAT

1 Metre RCA Phono Cable with Video and Audio

  • 1 metre patch cable to extend CCTV Camera connections
  • Add to DVR's where you require an audio output
  • Carries video and audio on one cable
  • RCA male AV connections on both ends
  • Ideal for connecting your DVR or wireless receiver to a TV
  • Adapters available to connect to RCA cable or BNC fitting
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  • SAVE £ 0.60 £ 2.39 Inc. VAT

9V PP3 Battery Clip for Cameras with 1.3mm Jack

  • 9V Battery Clip for Bird Box and Pinhole Spy Cameras
  • Power your wireless cameras with a standard PP3 battery
  • Male DC Plug has 1.3mm inner diameter
  • Works for up to 90 minutes from a full charge
  • Can also be easily converted into a wired DC cable
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  • SAVE £ 0.40 £ 1.59 Inc. VAT

Wireless Calving Camera Kit- Remote Pan Tilt Zoom Control, 3km Range

  • Wireless calving camera kit with remote control IP camera
  • Pan tilt zoom camera can be remotely moved with a phone via app
  • Captures detailed video in 1080p Full HD
  • 10x optical zoom allows use in a large space
  • Huge 100m maximum night vision range
  • Wifi bridge transmits camera signal up to 3km in direct line-of-sight
  • Perfect for remote monitoring of animals in a large space
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Aviary Camera Kit with 2 HD IP Cameras and NVR

  • Complete camera system for a small aviary or pigeon loft
  • Monitor your animals from anywhere using PC, phone or tablet
  • Includes two Green Feathers HD wildlife cameras
  • Cameras feature night vision and true-to-life daytime colour
  • Wide angle lenses record 103 degree field of view
  • Features recorder to stream footage and power cameras
  • Add a hard drive to your system to store weeks of footage
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  • SAVE £ 77.69 £ 307.31 Inc. VAT

Wireless Calving Camera - Hikvision PTZ Dome, 15x Zoom, 3km Range

  • Wireless camera perfect for calving and livestock monitoring
  • Includes remotely controlled Hikvision pan-tilt-zoom camera
  • Captures pin sharp 1080p HD video even in low light
  • Features 15x zoom and huge 100m night vision range
  • Smart detection includes line crossing and object removal
  • WiFi bridge transmits camera signal over distances up to 3km
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  • SAVE £ 132.99 £ 526.01 Inc. VAT

Long Range Wireless Lambing Camera System- 4 1080p HD IP Cameras & NVR

  • Wireless 4 camera system ideal for monitoring animals
  • Wifi bridge allows huge wireless range- up to 5km!
  • 4 outdoor IP cameras record in 1080p HD
  • 15m night vision for use in unlit barns or sheds
  • Includes NVR with 1TB HDD to record footage
  • Makes a perfect foaling or lambing camera systems
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  • SAVE £ 170.11 £ 672.84 Inc. VAT
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Wired Bird Box Camera with Night Vision (Spare camera only)

  • Additional bird box camera only
  • 700TVL video resolution
  • 6 Invisible Infra-red (IR) LEDS for discreet night vision
  • Short range night vision to reduce nest box glare
  • Also great as a baby monitor or nanny cam system
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  • SAVE £ 5.55 £ 21.95 Inc. VAT
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Wireless Barn Camera Kit with DVR- 1080p HD TVI, 3km Range

  • Wireless CCTV system with 4 HD cameras and recorder
  • Wifi bridge allows transmission across huge ranges- up to 3km!
  • Includes 4 Hikvision 1080p HD TVI cameras with night vision
  • 4 Channel hybrid DVR allows split screen viewing in HD
  • Remote access via PC or mobile lets you check cameras from anywhere
  • Perfect barn camera kit for monitoring livestock
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  • SAVE £ 116.83 £ 462.09 Inc. VAT
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4 Camera 200m Long Range Wireless CCTV Quad View Kit 20m IR

  • Digital Wireless system allows interference-free transmission
  • System includes 4 security cameras with 20 metres night vision
  • Weather Resistant Hikvision cameras record 700TV Lines
  • Features CCTV microphone for audio recording
  • Ideal Farm CCTV kit for use monitoring livestock
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Digital Wireless Calving & Lambing Camera Kit with Hiwatch CCTV

  • Wireless CCTV camera for monitoring animals
  • Includes weatherproof HiWatch camera designed by Hikvision
  • Captures 700TVL video with 15m IR night vision
  • Camera connects to digital wireless transmitter & receiver
  • Digital Wireless signal allows up to 100m range
  • Makes an ideal calving or lambing camera kit
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  • SAVE £ 52.96 £ 209.47 Inc. VAT

Lockable Metal Security Box for 1080p HD Hunting Camera

  • Secure box to protect our HD hunting when in the field
  • Fastens to objects such as a fence or tree
  • Cutouts on front of casing allow use of PIR detectors
  • Includes adjustable stand to mount camera
  • Leave your camera out in the open without it being tampered with
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  • SAVE £ 5.95 £ 23.55 Inc. VAT

8V DC 500mA UK Power Supply for Bird Box Cameras- 1.3mm Jack, 5m Cable

  • 8V 500mA DC mains power supply
  • 1.3mm jack connects to most 8V wireless cameras
  • Standard 3 pin UK plug
  • Built-in 5m extension cable for flexibility when installing
  • Designed to work with our wireless bird box camera
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4 Camera Digital Wireless CCTV System with 1TB Hybrid DVR

  • Includes 4 outdoor night vision security cameras
  • Each camera has its own wireless transmitter and receiver
  • Digital wireless transmitters help ensure a clean signal
  • High-gain antennae provide up to a massive 200m range
  • Hikvision cameras record at 700TVL resolution
  • Kit includes 1TB hybrid CCTV DVR
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Wildlife Outdoor Cameras

Using our specialist wildlife outdoor cameras is a wonderful way to watch many different kinds of wildlife from the comfort of your home. Whether you want to let the kids watch animals in the garden, or keep track of game on a large estate, our exclusive range of specialist wildlife cameras will do the trick.

Our best selling bird box cameras are perfect for installing in your garden, allowing you to watch chicks as they are fed and nurtured by their parent birds to grow and leave the nest. They come in both wired and wireless designs, so you're sure to find a model that suits your requirements.

Also featured here is our selection of foaling and livestock camera kits, specially designed with wireless technology to help breeders monitor their animals during the most stressful time of year.

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