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4 Camera Digital Wireless CCTV System with 1TB Hybrid DVR

  • Includes 4 outdoor night vision security cameras
  • Each camera has its own wireless transmitter and receiver
  • Digital wireless transmitters help ensure a clean signal
  • High-gain antennae provide up to a massive 200m range
  • Hikvision cameras record at 700TVL resolution
  • Kit includes 1TB hybrid CCTV DVR
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Wireless Bird Box Camera with Night Vision (Spare camera only)

  • Green Feathers additional wireless bird box camera with night vision
  • 700TVL video resolution - the best wireless image quality available
  • Invisible infra-red night vision
  • Wide angle 2.8mm lens gives 130-degree field of view
  • Camera only, receiver supplied separately
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  • SAVE £ 5.65 £ 22.35 Inc. VAT
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Hi Res Bird Box Camera with 700TVL Sony EFFIO CCD, IR Night Vision

  • 700TV Lines Resolution- Our best Bird Box Camera!
  • High Quality compact camera perfect for Bird Box recording
  • Camera features Sony EFFIO sensor for clean, crisp video
  • 10 LEDs provide IR Night Vision
  • Wide Angle lens perfect for recording in cramped spaces
  • Built in Microphone records Audio
  • Many other applications including discreet surveillance!
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  • SAVE £ 9.08 £ 35.92 Inc. VAT
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Parrot Breeding Camera Nest Box IR Nightvision 420TVL Recessed Bracket

  • Colour nest box camera with IR and wide angle
  • IR LEDs gives bird box camera 5-8m night vision
  • CCD sensor gives 420 TV Line high quality picture
  • Recessed bracket stops wildlife damaging camera
  • Camera specialised for parrot breeding nest box
  • Wide-angle lens provides good field-of-view in small spaces
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  • SAVE £ 11.10 £ 43.89 Inc. VAT
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4 Camera 200m Digital Wireless Farm Security Kit with 1TB Hybrid DVR

  • 4 Wired CCTV cameras complete with recorder and transmitter
  • One Wireless Transmitter connects to recorder
  • Digital Wireless system provides massive range- up to 200m
  • Hikvision CCTV cameras record 700TVL detail
  • One Camera features Microphone for audio recording
  • 1TB hybrid Motion Detection DVR
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  • SAVE £ 120.77 £ 477.68 Inc. VAT

Daylight White LED Light for Nest and Bird Boxes

  • LED Illuminator for inside of bird box
  • Allows bird box cameras to record in colour during day
  • Automatically turns off at night so as to not disturb chicks
  • Daylight white LEDs for accurate colour
  • Purpose built for use inside nest & bird boxes
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Wildlife Outdoor Cameras

Using our specialist wildlife outdoor cameras is a wonderful way to watch many different kinds of wildlife from the comfort of your home. Whether you want to let the kids watch animals in the garden, or keep track of game on a large estate, our exclusive range of specialist wildlife cameras will do the trick.

Our best selling bird box cameras are perfect for installing in your garden, allowing you to watch chicks as they are fed and nurtured by their parent birds to grow and leave the nest. They come in both wired and wireless designs, so you're sure to find a model that suits your requirements.

Also featured here is our selection of foaling and livestock camera kits, specially designed with wireless technology to help breeders monitor their animals during the most stressful time of year.

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