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4 Camera Digital Wireless CCTV system with 10m IR, PIR & LCD Receiver

  • Everything you need in one wireless security system
  • Includes 7inch portable monitor for easy viewing
  • 10m of night vision for 24hr security
  • Weather resistant cameras for outdoor use
  • Don't miss the action with motion detection recording
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  • £398.00 Inc. VAT
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4 Camera 15m IR Digital Wireless CCTV System w LCD and iPhone Access

  • Complete 4 camera security system with LCD Receiver
  • Digital Wireless transmission increases signal range and quality
  • Watch live remotely on a mobile device!
  • Cameras feature 15m night vision and PIR motion detection
  • Weather resistant cameras suitable for use in exposed locations
  • Features all-in-one receiver, recorder and monitor
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  • SAVE £26.01 £499.99 Inc. VAT
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4 Camera 5m IR Digital Wireless CCTV System with LCD and Mobile Access

  • 4 camera wireless indoor security system with LCD recorder
  • Digital Wireless signal allows long range and clear image
  • Watch live footage remotely with mobile access
  • Each camera features 5m infra red night vision
  • Built in PIR sensors provide Motion Detection
  • Receiver includes built-in SD recorder and 7" LCD
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  • SAVE £7.52 £412.48 Inc. VAT
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4 x 300m Wireless Sony CCD CCTV Cameras with 30m Nightvision 500GB DVR

  • 4 x Camera package with 400m Wireless Range
  • CCTV Cameras with 36 IR LEDs for 30m night vision
  • High Quality Sony CCD camera with 650 TV Lines
  • 500Gb Internet enabled DVR with iPhone support
  • IP66 rated weather proof and Vandal-proof camera
  • UK Legal Digital 2.4Ghz Frequency with upgraded aerials
  • SAVE OVER 17% with this all inclusive package!
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  • SAVE £218.08 £1028.09 Inc. VAT
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Long Range Wireless Outdoor 4 Camera CCTV Security System w 500GB DVR

  • Includes 4 Outdoor Night Vision security cameras
  • Each camera has it's own Wireless transmitter and receiver
  • Digital Wireless transmitters help ensure a clean signal
  • High Gain Antennae provide up to a massive 300m range!
  • Waterproof Cameras record at 650TVL resolution
  • Kit includes 500GB Motion Detection CCTV Recorder
  • Save over 15 percent with this great value system!
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  • SAVE £160.65 £910.32 Inc. VAT
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4 Camera Long Range Wireless CCTV Farm Security Kit, 15m IR, 500GB DVR

  • 4 Wired CCTV cameras complete with recorder and transmitter
  • One Wireless Transmitter connects to recorder- Great Value!
  • Digital Wireless system provides massive range- up to 300m!
  • Outdoor CCTV cameras record 650TVL of detail
  • One Camera features Microphone for audio recording
  • 500GB Motion Detection Recorder with control via wireless
  • Fantastic value system saves you over 11 percent!
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  • SAVE £60.28 £542.49 Inc. VAT
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4 15m Night Vision 70m Wireless CCTV Cameras with 500Gb LAN DVR iPhone

  • 4 x Camera package with 100m Wireless Range.
  • Outdoor Waterproof 15m IR night vision CCTV Cameras.
  • High Quality Sony CCD cameras with 650 TV Lines.
  • 500Gb Internet enabled DVR with iPhone support.
  • UK Legal 2.4Ghz Digital Frequency with 100m Range.
  • Combo pack saves OVER 15% on individual prices!
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  • SAVE £156.86 £888.87 Inc. VAT
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Digital Wireless CCTV Kit 4 Long Range Cameras with Quad View, 10m IR

  • Includes 4 Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras
  • Digital Wireless allows up to 100m Transmission range
  • Encrypted signal for reduced interference and better image quality
  • Weather resistant meta cased CCTV cameras ideal for outdoor use
  • Infrared for use at night with 10m night vision
  • Wireless receiver has quad view for easy viewing
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  • SAVE £32.10 £288.90 Inc. VAT
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4 Camera 15m IR Digital Wireless CCTV System with LCD Monitor and PIR

  • All inclusive 4 Camera CCTV kit with 7" Colour Monitor
  • Digital Wireless Transmission provides greatly increased range
  • Each camera uses IR LEDs for 15m Night Vision
  • Cameras feature PIR sensors for Motion Detection
  • Weather Resistant cameras suitable for installation outdoors
  • Complete kit including combined receiver, monitor and recorder
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  • SAVE £26.00 £460.00 Inc. VAT
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4 Camera 10m IR Digital Wireless CCTV Kit w LCD, PIR and Mobile Access

  • Complete 4 camera wireless CCTV kit with LCD recorder
  • Remote mobile access lets you watch live footage on your phone!
  • Digital wireless allows long range and improved signal
  • Cameras feature IR LEDs for 10m night vision range
  • IP66 housings allow cameras to be installed outdoors
  • Includes combination receiver, 7" screen and recorder
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  • SAVE £43.00 £386.99 Inc. VAT
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Wireless Cameras - 4 Cam Systems

Our 4 camera wireless CCTV systems can be a great way of securing your property with the minimum of hassle. Ideal as a home security system, shops or small offices you can place a wireless security camera in the area you want to view and it will transmit the video at 30 FPS directly to the receiver. This section has a range of Home security systems, and all come with step by step instructions. SpyCameraCCTV's security systems come with a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which will record directly onto its hard disk drive (HDD), once, when full will start recording over the oldest footage. This means once the wireless surveillance cameras are set up you know it will always be monitoring your property. Once your wireless CCTV camera is installed they will provide years of service. An outdoor CCTV camera will be waterproof and is suitable for the harsh UK weather conditions.

Some of the smaller spy cam systems are perfectly for covertly hiding around the home, using them as a nanny cam, keep an eye on the children in the playroom, or even the spouse. The pinhole spy camera can be hidden behind a hole just 2mm wide, our security camera systems can be run wireless, wired or both at the same time for ultimate flexibility. A wireless spy camera is ideally suitable for the indoors as they are much easier to hide. A Wireless security camera is more suitable for outdoor use. They often have full colour during the day and night vision with much longer ranges than the indoor cameras, most will see in complete darkness.

Buy quality wireless spy cameras, 4 camera systems and pinhole cameras at factory direct prices only at - SpyCameraCCTV!
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