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720p HD Additional Digital Wireless Camera for Portable LCD Kit

  • Additional Camera for Portable LCD wireless system only
  • Records crisp video footage at up to 720p HD Resolution
  • Digital Wireless transmission allows clean signal up to 100m range
  • Up to 10m night vision range from IR LEDs
  • Passive Infra Red (PIR) sensor allows accurate motion detection
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  • £ 79.00 Inc. VAT
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1080p Full HD Wireless CCTV Camera for Touch Screen LCD Kit

  • Additional camera for our 1080p wireless kit only
  • Captures detail packed video at 1920x1080 Full HD quality
  • Infrared LEDs provide 10m night vision
  • Digital Wireless transmission allows clear signal with 100m range
  • Passive infrared (PIR) sensor uses body heat to trigger recording
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  • £ 89.00 Inc. VAT

Wireless HD Security Camera and Receiver - 720p AHD, 15m Night Vision

  • Compact high definition digital wireless camera and receiver
  • Uses AHD video technology to capture sharp 720p HD video
  • Infrared LEDs provide 15m night vision range
  • Durable metal housing is IP66 rated for outdoor use
  • Low interference digital wireless transmits up to 100m
  • Receiver connects directly to one of our hybrid HD DVRs
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Additional 720p HD Digital Wireless Camera with IR & Security Light

  • Additional camera for portable LCD wireless system only
  • Powerful built-in security light triggered by motion
  • Digital Wireless boosts range and helps reduce interference
  • PIR sensor can detect moving subjects near camera
  • As well as security light, IR LEDs provide night vision
  • Records detailed video in 720p HD
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  • £ 99.00 Inc. VAT

720p HD Digital Wireless Pan Tilt CCTV Camera for Portable LCD Kit

  • Digital wireless pan tilt camera for portable LCD kit only
  • Motorised camera can be remotely controlled with screen or app
  • Captures clear & sharp images in 720p HD
  • Features night vision for 24/7 surveillance
  • Digital wireless transmission provides a huge range of up to 100m
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  • £ 79.00 Inc. VAT

Wireless Outdoor CCTV Cameras

Here you’ll find our full range of waterproof wireless outdoor CCTV cameras, which are fully equipped with waterproof casing to be used outdoors. These cameras are all specifically designed for outdoor use, so if you’re looking for waterproof cameras to mount externally on your home, offices or warehouse, then you've come to the right place.

These outdoor CCTV cameras are mostly used as part of a complete home security system to monitor both the inside and outside of a building but can be adapted to fit a number of requirements. Just because they're for outdoor use doesn't mean you can't use them indoors too. Because they're wireless you can move them as and when you need them and still receive the signal on the recorder.

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