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4 Camera 200m Digital Wireless Farm Security Kit with 1TB Hybrid DVR

  • 4 Wired CCTV cameras complete with recorder and transmitter
  • One Wireless Transmitter connects to recorder
  • Digital Wireless system provides massive range- up to 200m
  • Hikvision CCTV cameras record 700TVL detail
  • One Camera features Microphone for audio recording
  • 1TB hybrid Motion Detection DVR
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Long Range Wireless CCTV Systems with DVR

Whilst our wired CCTV systems offer exceptional resolution and image quality, there are many situations that simply make it impossible to run a cable from your camera to your DVR unit. Large car parks, exterior barns and sheds can all be tricky to cover if you are setting up cables. In these cases, our selection of wireless CCTV system with DVRs offer the optimum flexibility for camera placement.

Collected here are several different types of systems, including mini cameras with integrated transmitters for home use, and larger cameras with separate transmitters, perfect for installation outside when exposed to the elements. Each camera requires connecting to a power supply, but needs no wired connection to the receiver or recorder. This allows the system to cover a long range- up to 300m for some packages!

In addition, each comprehensive package features one of our advanced DVRs, featuring SpyCameraCCTV's motion detection recording and secure online access via ethernet. Each kit really does come with every single thing you need to quickly set up your new wireless security system!
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