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Infra-Red Remote Repeater Cable for 2.4GHz Digital Transmitter Kit

  • IR extender allows remote control up to 300m
  • Control your DVR/TV/Sky Box Remotely
  • Add Infrared control to our digital transmitter/receivers
  • Allows full use of any IR remote with AV equipment
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  • £ 6.99 Inc. VAT

Long Range Wireless WiFi Bridge for IP Cameras

  • Transmitter and receiver pack for long range WiFi link
  • Send IP camera signal up to 5km in line of sight
  • 5.8GHz signal helps prevent interference for clear signal
  • Includes pole mounts for outdoor installation
  • A great way to transmit IP cameras and CCTV signals wirelessly!
  • Up to 300Mpbs to provide fast link for demanding security needs
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  • £ 198.00 Inc. VAT

High Gain Omni Directional Wireless Antenna for 2.4GHz AV Senders

  • One high gain 7dBi antenna doubles wireless range
  • High gain wireless antenna for transmitters and receivers
  • Omni-directional - no need to precisely aim antenna
  • Magnetic base and SMA connector
  • Use hi-gain antenna to boost wireless network router range
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  • £ 15.99 Inc. VAT
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10dB 2.4GHz Directional High Gain Antenna with 1m Cable and Adaptors

  • Directional high gain booster antenna for wireless CCTV
  • Sends signal in a 70 Degree wide beam
  • Mounts flat to an external wall
  • Massively increases the range of wireless CCTV
  • Use on its own or paired with a second antenna
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Wireless CCTV Transmitters for Long Distances

This section contains our wireless CCTV transmitters. These are used to transmit an audio-visual feed from a home security camera to a DVR, TV, computer etc. We have a selection of transmitters ranging from in home units with a range of up to 100m, to UK legal long range transmitters for up to 500m range, and even units that reach up to 5-kilometre range.

Our wireless CCTV transmitters are ideal for use with spy cameras so you can see what’s going on from a safe/undisclosed location. Alternatively, use them to transmit a signal from a wired camera in a shed or barn so you can keep an eye on things from the comfort of your own home.

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