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2 Camera 720p HD Wireless CCTV Kit with Mobile Access, Portable LCD

  • Complete wireless security camera kit with combined recorder/monitor
  • Record footage at 720p HD, amazing quality for wireless cameras
  • Digital wireless transmission helps ensure a clear and secure transmission
  • Use a subject's body heat to trigger recording
  • Combination screen/DVR can be run from battery for portability
  • View your footage live over a mobile device or smartphone
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  • £ 278.00 Inc. VAT
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2 Camera Digital Wireless CCTV Kit with 15m Night Vision and Receiver

  • 2 Camera Digital Wireless CCTV kit with receiver
  • Each camera features 15m IR night vision
  • Digital Wireless allows 100m transmission range
  • IP66 waterproof cameras suitable for outdoor use
  • Receiver can plug straight into any CCTV DVR.
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  • £ 159.00 Inc. VAT

2 Camera Digital Wireless CCTV Security System with 4 Channel DVR

  • Wireless CCTV security system with 2 outdoor cameras
  • Each camera features night vision with a 15 metre range
  • Secure digital wireless transmission with up to 100m range
  • Receiver connects to fully-fledged 4 channel CCTV DVR
  • 1TB DVR to store lots of footage from your cameras
  • Connects to network providing reliable PC & mobile remote access
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  • SAVE £ 58.12 £ 349.00 Inc. VAT

2 Wireless Spy Camera Covert Home Security System with 1TB Hybrid DVR

  • Covert system includes 2 Mini Wireless Spy Cameras
  • Tiny pinhole cameras can see through gaps 2mm wide
  • Cameras can transmit video up to 50m
  • System includes Hikvision Easy TVI DVR with 1TB Hard Drive
  • Recorder features Motion Detection and network access
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  • SAVE £ 27.49 £ 224.01 Inc. VAT
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2 Camera 720p Wireless HD CCTV System, 4 Channel Hikvision DVR

  • Simple home CCTV system with 2 wireless cameras
  • Cameras captures footage in 720p HD with 15m night vision
  • IP66 rated metal cameras suitable for outdoor use
  • Uses low interference digital wireless for up to 100m range
  • Includes full fledged 4 channel HD CCTV recorder from Hikvision
  • Connect to network to allow PC & mobile access to cameras
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  • SAVE £ 32.10 £ 298.99 Inc. VAT

CCTV Systems - Wireless Security Systems - 2 Camera Systems

Our selection of 2 camera wireless CCTV systems are a perfect solution if you are looking for a an easy to set up security system, but still want the option to easily expand your system at a later date. Featuring our powerful infrared night vision wireless security cameras, these kits are ideal for keeping an eye out for intruders in your garden or side entrance way. Alternatively, install them inside your home to keep a safe eye on your family and valuables!

These CCTV wireless systems feature our versatile 4 channel Digital Video Recorder (DVR), packed with key features such as motion detection and scheduled recording. The 2 included wireless receivers plug right into the back of the recorder, so you don't have to worry about running lengthy cables to your home security cameras. If you want to increase your security at a later date, the DVR can easily record video from 2 more additional cameras.
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