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2.4GHz Wireless Transmitter Receiver CCTV Camera Audio Video AV Sender

Product Code: 10MW24GHZ
Learn More Our camera kits include all required power supplies and video cables, but if your setup requires a longer cable then just select it from the menu and we’ll pop it in the box.
  • £ 99.00 inc VAT
  • Colour
  • Audio
  • Wireless
  • 8 Channels
  • UK Legal
  • 2.4 GHZ

Product Summary

  • 2.4GHz video and audio AV transmitter and receiver pack
  • Use these AV senders with any wired CCTV security camera
  • 8 selectable channels help to avoid WiFi interference
  • Utilises UK and EU legal 2.4GHz wireless frequencies
  • Up to 70m wireless signal range in clear line of sight
What's in the Box?
  • Wireless 2.4GHz 8 channel AV sender transmitter
  • 2.4GHz wireless video and audio AV receiver
  • 2x 12V DC 1000mA power adapters
  • 2x 2m AV RCA phono cables
  • Product manual
  • Certificate of conformity
  • 2 year warranty with SpyCameraCCTV
  • 2.4GHz wireless AV sender - This AV sender can send video and audio from devices such as TVs, DVRs, DVD players etc. that use RCA composite video and line-level RCA audio connections (yellow, red and white plugs)
  • CCTV security camera compatible - This 2.4GHz wireless video and audio transmitter and receiver can be used for creating a wireless CCTV security system. The video and audio transmitter and receiver pack uses 12V DC, which is the standard for CCTV security cameras and has a 12V DC power output jack which means you can power this 2.4GHz wireless transmitter, and your CCTV camera using the same power adapter*
  • 8 channel AV transmitter and receiver - The wireless receiver and AV transmitter can be used on 8 different wireless channels. This means you can use up to 8 of these AV sender and wireless receivers in the same area (max 4 recommended). Multiple available channels also means you can sidestep and help to avoid any existing 2.4GHz device interference or neighbouring WiFi networks
  • Low noise wireless AV sender - This AV sender and audio video receiver uses a high quality, low noise circuit design. This means you can expect a superior wireless AV signal when compared to competitor wireless AV sender units
  • Up to 70 metre signal range - These wireless sender and 2.4GHz wireless receivers can transmit video and audio up to a 70 metre distance**
  • Compatible with high-gain antennas - These wireless transmitters and receivers can be used in conjunction with our high gain 7dB and 12dB antennas to greatly increase the wireless signal and range. A pair of our 7dB omni-directional antennas will multiply the signal range of this AV transmitter and receiver by a factor of up to 4, for a maximum wireless signal range of around 300 metres.** Additionally, if you use a pair of our 12dB high-gain antennas, you can expect a signal broadcast range of up to 1km**
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes - Both the wireless AV transmitter and receiver have holes drilled in their base which means you can easily mount them to any flat surface

* For Infrared (IR) CCTV cameras, we recommend using at least a 1A output, 12V DC power adapter. For larger, higher power IR security cameras, we recommend using a 2A output power adapter
** With completely clear line of sight. Please note walls and thick solid objects can reduce signal strength, typically by 60 percent (depending on material and construction)


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Technical Specification

Modulation: FM
Video output: 1VP-P 75 Ohm
Audio output: VP-P 600 Ohm
AV connections: RCA phono jack
Antenna: 5dB dipole antenna
Operating voltage – DC 12V, 300mA
Operating temperature: 0°C - 40°C
Product Manual and Software.
Product Manual PDF DownloadDownload PDF Manual

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Full Description This 2.4GHz wireless AV transmitter and receiver pack is a fantastic way to connect more remotely positioned wired cameras in your CCTV system, or where cabling is simply not an option. The AV sender and receiver simply plug into your camera, DVR and power and will provide up to 70m wireless transmission, alleviating awkward installations.* The AV sender and receiver are supplied with fitted 5dB aerials, but these can be upgraded with either of our 7dB or 12dB extender aerials to provide up to a 1km broadcast range. Both of the video and audio transmitters provide up to 8 selectable 2.4GHz wireless channels allowing multiple wireless devices to be installed in one location, and to easily avoid 2.4GHz and WiFi interference.

The units are easy to set up with 8 different selectable channels. All you need to do is plug your camera in (you'll need a BNC adapter for this if you have a CCTV camera), power the units and match the receiver and transmitter channels. Then plug in the AV from the receiver into your TV/DVR/Video or other monitor to receive a clear wireless image.

* With completely clear line of sight. Please note walls and thick solid objects can reduce signal strength, typically by 60 percent (depending on material and construction).
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