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  • Colour
  • Audio
  • Wired
  • USB 2.0
  • Android
  • Apple
  • D1
  • H264
  • Internet Streaming
  • 1TB Memory
  • 700 TV Lines
  • VGA
  • Windows 7 Compatible

Product Summary

  • Full D1 Recording and H.264 Video Compression
  • Flexible Recording including Motion Detection
  • Records 8 channels of video to 1TB Hard Drive
  • 8 Channels Video Input with 8 Channels Audio
  • LAN Port for Access from a PC or Mobile Phone
  • Alarm System - connect to your Burglar Alarm
What's in the Box?
  • 8 Channel 1TB CCTV DVR with H.264 Full D1 Quality Recording
  • 110-240v to 12v power adapter
  • IR Remote Control & batteries
  • USB Optical Mouse
  • 1 Metre Audio/Video Cable
  • BNC to RCA Adapter
  • Comprehensive Step by Step set-up user manual
  • 2 Year warranty from SpyCameraCCTV
  • H.264 Baseline Video Compression - Recorder uses a highly efficient video format, allowing the recording of high quality images for longer and taking up less Hard Drive space.
  • 8 Channels Video Input - Connect up to 8 CCTV Cameras to this Digital Video Recorder using the 8 BNC Connectors on the Back Panel. A perfect CCTV solution for large sites and venues such as pubs,clubs as well as commercial and retail environments.
  • 8 Channels Audio Input - Connect up to 8 Security Cameras equipped with Microphones via the Serial / RCA Connector on the Back of the unit or connect up to 8 Microphones. This makes this unit perfectly suited to environments where strict security is of the utmost importance.
  • Triplex Operation - Means this CCTV DVR can simultaneously display live camera feeds, record footage, playback & allow remote access over the internet or a mobile phone!
  • Easy to Use Interface - This DVR uses a Friendly OSD Menu system which can be operated easily using the USB Mouse Supplied making the the system very similar to a PC. Alternatively you can use the Front Panel of the Unit or the Supplied Infrared (IR) Remote Controller.
  • Multiple display modes - This CCTV Recorder can display live camera feeds in 3 ways: 1/9 - where all 8 camera feeds are displayed on screen in a 3x3 grid, 1/4 - Where 4 of the cameras are displayed on screen at a time, Full-Screen - where a selected CCTV Camera feed is maximized to fill the entire screen.
  • Full D1 Resolution - This Digital Video Recorder DVR records crystal clear video footage at full D1.
  • Multi-User Password Protection - The System can only be controlled by logging in using a Username and Password which means critical footage and system settings are safe from sabotage and accidental deletion. Multiple user accounts can be set-up with varying levels of authority which means you can only grant a select group of users full control of the DVR and the ability to modify settings.
  • Individual Channel Picture Adjustment - Each Surveillance Camera connected to the DVR can have its brightness, contrast, hue and saturation all tweaked to ensure you get the best quality footage.
  • Massive 1TB Capacity - This CCTV DVR is equipped with a 1 Terabyte Hard Disk Drive. This allows the recorder to be set-up to record for over a month making it an ideal choice for clubs and venues required by law to store 31 days of footage.
  • Hard Drive Auto Overwrite - This CCTV DVR can be set-up to automatically overwrite old footage once the 1 TeraByte Hard Drive is filled to capacity. This means the Digital Video Recorder can be left to record 24/7.
  • USB Backup Feature - Footage recorded can be transferred onto a USB Drive or burned to a DVD by connecting a USB DVD R/W.
  • Multiple Playback Filters - You can search for recorded footage by first specifying a beginning and end time for the system to look between. Additionally you can also specify the type of footage to look for (Normal Record, Alarm-Triggered, Motion Detection) and the camera the footage was recorded on.
  • Motion Detection With Zoning Feature - Saves vital hard drive space by only recording from a camera that is viewing motion. The Zoning Feature allows you to fine tune the Motion Detection by making sure things like Trees Blowing in the Wind or Cars Driving Past don't falsely set-off the Motion Detection and consume HDD Space.
  • Privacy Masking - Each Camera can have a region of its view "Masked Off" so it doesn't record sensitive or identifiable information eg: a sign showing an address or telephone number.
  • Advanced Alarm System - This DVR can be hooked up to your existing Burglar Alarm system and then be programmed to react in a variety of ways when your alarm is set-off or when your Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR) detect motion.
  • PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Control - DVR allows full manual control of PTZ equipment, including specialist attachments such as wipers and fans
  • Ethernet Network Access - DVR has an ethernet port, allowing you- after a one time set up process- to access it over internet explorer. This lets you remotely control features such as playback, monitoring and PTZ control from anywhere over the internet.
  • Mobile Support- Network access also has compatible apps for Iphone, Android and Windows phones, allowing viewing while on the move!
  • DDNS Support - Once connected to a network, Recorder supports the use of Dynamic DNS providers such as DynDNS. This allows you to set up a custom address to access your DVR, such as ""
  • Email Alerts - CCTV System allows you to easily set up email alerts triggered by customisable circumstances. These include Motion Detection, Camera Feed Loss and Burglar Alarm Triggers.
  • Compatible with PAL or NTSC systems - can record using European or American video systems.


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Technical Specification

Video Input: 8 Composite BNC
Video Output: 1 Composite BNC, 1 VGA Port
Audio Input/Output: 1 RS-232 Serial Port
USB: 2 USB Ports
Networking: 1 Ethernet RJ45

PAL Record Resolutions:
D1(720x576 / 50FPS), Half D1(720x288 / 100FPS), CIF(320x288 / 200FPS)
NTSC Record Resolutions:
D1(720x480 / 60FPS), Half D1(720x240 / 120FPS), CIF(320x240 / 240FPS)
Modes: Continuous, Motion Detection, Alarm Triggered, Time schedule
Capacity: 1TB (Internal 3.5 Inch HDD SATA Interface)

Video: H.264
Audio: ADPCM

PAL : 704x576 (25 FPS per Display Window)
NTSC: 704x480 (30 FPS per Display Window)

VGA Modes (60Hz): 1920x1080, 1680x1050, 1600x1200, 1440x900, 1280x1024, 1024x768, 800x600
Backup Options: USB Stick/HDD, USB DVD R/W
Controllers: Front Panel, IR Remote Control, USB Mouse
PTZ Protocols: RS-422, RS-485
Power Supply: DC 12v / 5A
Operating Temperature: 10 Degrees C - 55 Degrees C
Operating Humidity: 10% - 95%
Unit Weight: 4Kg
Dimensions: 315(W) x 224(D) x 52(H) mm
Product Manual and Software.
Product Manual PDF DownloadDownload PDF Manual

360-degree view of the DVR

DVR Specifications

Setting Up Motion Record

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Full Description This CCTV DVR lets you get the most out of your CCTV Cameras as it can record Full D1 Resolution Video. This means you get crisp, detailed footage. This Digital Video Recorder can also be switched to record at Half D1 or CIF resolutions so you can record for longer periods.

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