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6 Alternative uses for our wireless horsebox camera

Combining a rugged waterproof camera with a handy 7″ colour screen, our wireless horsebox camera kit is a tried and trusted way to keep an eye on your animals when transporting them in a vehicle. The compact camera can be installed inside the horsebox, where it wirelessly transmits video to the receiver in the screen. The screen can then be easily installed on your dashboard, giving you a live view of how your horse or livestock is doing during the journey. The camera wires directly into your vehicle’s lighting system, so you don’t need to worry about an external power source for it. Of course, whilst this is by far our customer’s favourite use for the camera, it has the potential to be used for so much more. Here at SpyCameraCCTV towers we have put together a list of some alternate uses for the camera system that you might not have thought of…

  1.  HGV or Truck Reversing Camera. Another very common question that we get asked is for a camera that can provide a clear view of the rear of a vehicle when it is reversing. This is especially the case for larger vehicles like articulated lorries or trucks, that would normally need assistance to help reverse safely. By mounting this on the back of your truck or trailer you can get a live view of whatever is behind you, and greatly helping to prevent accidents.
  2. Caravan Camera. Similar to with horseboxes and trailers, caravan owners want to be sure that everything inside their caravan is safely stowed during a journey, and not at risk of damage. Installing the camera will let you keep an eye on this, and make sure your plates aren’t being smashed like they’re stuck in an episode of Top Gear…
  3. Passenger Security. The small night vision camera could be perfect for helping drivers keep an eye on passengers that they can’t see, for example at the back of a minibus, or on the top deck of a bus. They can then monitor them on the included screen, and watch out for antisocial behaviour or problems.
  4. High Vehicle Camera. By mounting the device on top of vehicles with a very high clearance, such as articulated lorries and double decker buses, the driver has an additional way to alert them of problems if they are going to try and pass under a low bridge that could pose a risk.
  5. Canal Boat Steering. We actually already mentioned this in an earlier blog post, but it’s certainly worth bringing up again! The camera can be a simple way to assist you in steering unwieldy and long canal boats without needing someone sitting on the bow.
  6. Front Door Monitor. It’s not just vehicles! Thanks to it’s extensive waterproofing, the small night vision camera could be great for watching over an entranceway, letting you monitor people trying to get in using the screen inside. Please note however this would require you to have an electrician wire up the camera to your house.
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