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Dedicated Trade Installer Support

Trade Installer Support


Time is money on an installation, and we prioritise installers with our FREE support, dealing with calls within 2 hours. Whilst we strongly recommend you set up systems and new technology at your workshop first, there are occasions when something happens on site or a customer asks for something you have not considered. We need to be on hand to assist quickly.

  • First response within 2 hours of call (unless after 3pm)
  • Email and telephone support as required. Please open up a support ticket with us first.
  • Help with guides and talking through setups where necessary
  • Access to online manuals, videos and guides on how to set up your equipment
  • Want us to log in and do it? Our setup service is available (see details below)

Trade Installer Service - Your Remote Helping Hand

From just £25 per 30 minute slot or £50 for 1 hour.
On occasions you may want our help to speed up your installation. We can be your remote technician to complete the system setup and configuration whilst you get on with the installation. See us as your technical contractor that does not need to be paid a day rate or have a chat over a coffee!

You will need to book this service in advance with our team. Please open a support ticket with us to get started.

We allocate 20 minute booking slots for set ups; If they take longer due to issues with local equipment or slow internet, you are likely to incur further charges.

Trade - Supporting Your Customer

Ongoing phone support and remote viewing setup starting from just 80p a week.

We have found that most installers want to complete the job and move on. Not book in another visit or provide ongoing service and support if the customer has some teething issues with their system. Since we run an office-based helpdesk team, we can attend to such requests quickly and efficiently. Due to popular demand, we have extended our LIVEVIEW and PREMIUM6 Service customer packages to installers to offer their customers too.

Both of our packages include our personalised DNS remote setup service. This provides the customer with a personalised address and professional port-forwarded recorder for remote viewing. Find out more about our support packages here.

When your customer signs up with us, we will link their account with you and the origional order, and should they require on site visits in the future we will be sure to put them back in touch with you.

The big advantage is that you don't have to field emails (from LIVEVIEW customers) or calls (from PREMIUMSUP6 customers) or deal with any day to day questions. With our PREMIUMSUP6 service, the customer also gets an extended warranty on the equipment they have purchased, along with some other benefits to give them piece of mind.

If you recommend our service then we give you the £12.50 + VAT credit on your account as a thank you to use against future orders. This is paid when the customer is set up and paid their annual Direct Debit fee.

The key advantages to this professional set up service are:

  • Direct connection to recorder – not reliant on a 3rd party server
  • Personalised easy to remember address
  • Constant connection for more consistent connection
  • Multiple log in levels: admin, user etc.
  • Additional remote configuration features
  • Log in via PC, tablet or phone
  • Multiple simultaneous log ins
  • And more…