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Spy Camera Recorders

We offer a range of mini spy gadgets featuring built-in video recorders. This allows them to record footage without needing to be wired to an external recorder. Every gadget in this category features recording to a built-in card slot – usually a MicroSD card – as well as motion detection modes that trigger whenever a subject moves nearby. Some of the selection is even battery-powered – perfect if you need a temporary recording solution to be stashed away at short notice.

Whilst they're not designed for permanent installation like our security cameras, our spy gadgets are the perfect solution if you need flexible but discreet recording.

Some scenarios require a spy camera to be in awkward to reach places where you just can't get a power cable to them. Our battery-powered spy cameras are ultra-discreet and can run on an internal battery for several hours. Multiple recording options, including sound and vibration detection which save battery life by only recording when something is happening.

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Spy Camera Recorders