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Spy Camera Recorders

From pinhole cameras to cameras hidden with smoke alarms, we offer a wide range of mini spy gadgets featuring built-in video recorders. Whilst they're not designed for permanent installation like our security cameras, our spy gadgets are the perfect solution if you need flexible but discreet recording.

Able to record footage without needing to be wired to an external recorder, every gadget in this category stores footage to a built-in card slot – usually a MicroSD card. Many of these gadgets also feature motion detection modes that trigger whenever a subject moves nearby, saving on battery power and video storage space. Some scenarios require a spy camera to be in an awkward-to-reach place - where you just can't get a power cable to them. Our range of battery-powered spy gadgets are ultra-discreet and can run on an internal battery for several hours

Frequently asked questions about spy camera recorders

Are spy cameras legal in the UK?

Spy cameras are legal in the UK, as long as they are installed within your home or on your private property, without having to follow data protection laws. If you want to install spy cameras within your business, data protection laws apply. However, the exceptions to these rules are that you cannot record in public areas, other people’s private property, or places where people expect privacy (such as a bathroom). 

How long can spy cameras record?

This is wholly dependent on the spy camera’s battery life and storage capacity. Spy cameras that are connected to mains power, rather than battery, will record until storage space has run out. Battery-powered spy cameras, on the other hand, usually have a lifespan of around 10 hours, before needing to be recharged. 

Spy cameras that have SD cards with the maximum storage capacity, usually 256GB, or are connected via Wi-Fi to an app with optimal cloud storage will record and store your footage for far longer than devices with less storage space. 

Do spy cameras record voices?

Some spy cameras that we supply at SpyCameraCCTV have audio recording capabilities as well as visuals. These spy cameras have installed microphones to pick up sounds and voices, either continuously or when activated. Make sure to do your research on which spy camera will be the best for you, as not all of these gadgets do have audio recording. 

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Spy Camera Recorders