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We know that CCTV can be confusing.

It's a specialist field of technology, filled with technical jargon, and even professional installers with decades of experience can have trouble keeping up to date with the latest know-how. Because of this, we have made it our mission to make sure our customers always have the information and help they need to get their security systems working and protecting their property. So, whether you're installing systems for trade, or just a single camera to go up on your house, we can help! We have a blend of support packages, where we guide you, and service packages, where we can do it for you, to suit your budget.

All prices below include VAT.

Engineer Setup Services

£25 (Booking required)

Our most popular service is the 'book an engineer' service. We've kept this simple with a flat fee of £25 per item setup or service delivery. This service can also include a 'remote login connection' where you download some clever software to enable our team to access your PC, but can quite easily be as simple as us sitting and leading you through step by step how to do something.

The list below are some of the things we can help with:

  • Configure an IP camera on a NVR
  • Assistance setting up your recorder settings
  • Configuring smart cameras
  • Pre-configure or reconfigure wireless bridges
  • Assistance with software configuration or use, app setups etc.
  • Password resets
  • Helping to download software from our website or handholding using your PC
  • Analysis of your network equipment (further charges may apply)
  • Re-connection of your DNS address (Silver service only, Gold included)

Booking is required and there may be a few days' wait due to the popularity of this service.

We allocate 20 minute booking slots for set ups; If they take longer due to issues with local equipment or slow internet, you are likely to incur further charges.

Our Support & Service Packages

Free Email Support (FREESUP)

  • Email based support
  • Our default support package if you have not paid for our packages
  • Access to our online manuals, videos and guides on how to set up your equipment
  • Weekday email response within 48 hours or 72 hours during peak times
  • Outbound calls made if further information is required
  • If you need a helping hand, our engineer setup service is just £25 (booking required)

    Remote Live Viewing Support (LIVEVIEW)

    £65 per year.

    Everything in the Free Support package plus:

    • First response within 24 hours
    • Prioritised email support from a member of helpdesk
    • Includes personalised DNS address and setup to get your recorder online
    • Direct and secure professional NVR/DVR remote access set up (view online)
    • Priority booking if you need a little helping hand, engineer setup £25 per item or service

      Premium Priority Service (PREMIUMSUP6)

      £100 per year. 

      Everything in LIVEVIEW support plus:

      • Same working day first response service within 2 hours (unless after 3pm)
      • Priority booking should your system require a remote diagnosis
      • Includes system setup and configuration - no extra £25 setup fees!
      • 5 Year Extended Warranty whilst service is paid (individual items up to £400)
      • Items with higher than £400 value covered by 3 year repair or replace warranty
      • On-site swap out for items identified as faulty, reducing downtime
      • Covers up to six individual items

       £100 inc VAT per year for every six additional items.

      If you reset your router or factory reset your system within the first 3 months and require a new full setup, this is charged at our per item service fee of £25.


      £170 per year.

      Everything in Premium Support 6 plus:

      • Cover for up to 12 individual items
      • Or an extra six items can be covered for those already on PREMIUMSUP6 for £100


      £255 per year. 

      Everything in Premium Support 6 plus:

      • Cover for up to 18 individual items


      A bridge (a pair of two panels) is one item. A third panel in a multi-bridge setup would count as one extra item.

      An item is a camera, recorder, bridge or switch. Accessories such as cables etc in your system are not counted.

      Terms and Conditions

      The Legal Bit

      Cancellations or if you change your mind: If you decide to cancel your support package, this can be done within 30 days of purchase providing you have not booked in and received the remote viewing set up service.

      Our commitment is to enable you to understand and manage your own system and support you via email, helping in those situations where you are stuck with guides, videos and pointers to manuals. It is not an offsite monitoring service or computer support service.

      Price increases: We reserve the right to increase prices from time to time and in line with the market costs of delivering comprehensive value for money service. We will give you a minimum of 30 days' notice by email prior to your renewal before any price increases take effect.

      Changes to our terms: We may make changes and amend our terms from time to time to improve clarity. Any substantial changes affecting your warranty or SLA service times will be sent to you by email 30 days before they take effect. Improvements that are to your benefit will be instantaneous.

      If you have any further questions or something is not covered above, please get in touch with our sales team.

      Premium Support Package Terms

      What is the 5 Year Extended Warranty?
      Our warranty offers an extended period of peace of mind. You will be offered a like for like replacement within this 5-year period or a credit to use against another product based on the current market value of the item (or similar) that is faulty.

      What does the 5-year extended warranty cover?
      Only those faults deemed caused by the manufacturer are covered under this 5-year extended warranty. We may request pictures and videos of the product during our analysis of the fault. Faults or damage caused by accident negligence or usage not in accordance with manufacturers guidelines will not be covered.

      If we reasonably suspect the fault is not a manufacturing fault we reserve the right to request an item be returned for further analysis. In these situations an advance replacement can be offered for critical items such as a recorder or bridges however the cost would be met by the customer and refunded if the fault is verified to be a manufacturing fault. Postage would also be refunded if the fault is verified as a manufacturing issue.

      If an item is returned to us following an onsite swap out and we can identify it is not a manufacturing fault the customer will be liable to pay for the replacement item(s) and postage of the new items.

      What products are included?
      Each item you purchase with an individual cost of £333.33 excluding VAT is covered under the extended warranty.

      What about the items £400 or more?
      With items that exceed the cover of £400 including VAT we will require the item to be returned to us for assessment. We will cover the repair of the item up to a cost of £400 inc VAT or if the item is too expensive to repair you will receive a credit of £400 inc VAT towards a new item.

      How do we make a claim?
      All faults and issues will need to be verified by one of our engineers by either email or telephone. You will be required to provide photo and sometimes video evidence of the issue. Our engineer may also need to log onto your system using remote software to identify the fault. In most situations returns can be avoided by simple fault rectification.

      Please have your order number date of purchase and product name available when you contact us. If a return or exchange is required advice will be given as to the next step in the process to get your item exchanged or assessed. In the event we receive notification from our assessment team or the nominated repair agent that the fault occurrence is due to an issue outside the warranty remit we will contact you. If we have already exchanged the item you would be liable for the cost of the new item if the fault is not covered under warranty.

      How long will a repair take?
      If we are able to determine the item is faulty over the phone or by email we will simply provide you with an on-site swap out for a like for like age and specification item this may be brand new or used depending on the age and condition of the item that is faulty. If this is in stock this could be as fast as next day. If not it could take a few days depending on availability from our main warehouse or supplier.

      If you wish to upgrade your system or item you will be credited the current market value of the faulty product towards a new item.

      For repairs unfortunately we cannot offer a definite timescale for fault resolution. This is mainly because we do not have an in-house repair team. Any necessary repairs are carried out by either the product manufacturer or an accredited agent. Generally, most repairs will take between 5 and 8 weeks to complete. Temporary replacement items can be offered in special circumstances; however, the cost of this item must be met by the customer until it is returned to us.