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CCTV Recorders

CCTV Recorders (DVRs & NVRs) are the most important part of any video surveillance system. Buying a good quality recorder gives you far more control over your cameras and recordings and helps ensure you get the footage which could be the difference between catching a criminal or letting them get away. If home security is the main driving force then we suggest mounting the cameras around the corner of the property and placing the DVR in the loft. This means the recorder is securely kept away from danger, even if the property is broken into. Normally 4 channel digital video recorders are ample for most small shops and home video surveillance, although we also stock larger 8 and 16 channel DVRs that can be suitable for larger properties.

All of our DVRs and NVRs have a remote access option, letting you log in to securely view your cameras over the internet using a PC or a mobile device. To get this up and running we can also offer a remote set up service, letting one of our support agents log in to your computer and configure everything for you.

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CCTV Recorders