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  • £2,599.99

    Hikmicro Thermal Surveillance Monocular Gryphon Pro 50mm

    • High magnification image from 50mm lens system +
    • High quality SUB 35 NETD 640px sensor
    • Very compatible with the shooting style in the UK.
    • All Black Chassis
    • Thermal + Optical cameras included
    • Laser Range Finder
    • 18650 detachable battery


    The HikMicro Gryphon GQ50L 50mm Pro LRF is the newest high-resolution, high-magnification thermal monocular in the Gryphon family, offering a sophisticated solution for surveillance tasks.

    Sporting a 640x512px, sub 35mk NETD sensor and a high-quality 50mm lens system, this pocket-sized powerhouse provides a detailed thermal image and a compact 2.9x magnification.

    This thermal monocular doesn't just stop at providing high-grade thermal imaging; it also features a low-light optical camera. This combination creates a dual-purpose tool that functions effectively as both a thermal and night vision monocular, perfect for surveillance tasks in varying lighting conditions.

    Key among its features is a built-in 600m Laser Range Finder, a crucial tool for accurate distance judgement to the target, with options for single readings and scan mode.

    A distinctive feature of the Gryphon GQ50L is its jog wheel, providing a user-friendly experience akin to conventional optical scopes. This jog wheel lets you smoothly adjust the magnification, as well as navigate the menu system.

    Adding to its impressive suite of features, the Gryphon GQ50L uses a removable 18650 battery, ensuring power longevity for extended surveillance operations.

    The Fusion mode in the Gryphon GQ50L combines the detail from the optical image with the thermal channel, delivering the ultimate blend of detection and detail, an essential element in surveillance applications.

    As with all HIKMICRO products, the Gryphon GQ50L allows access to the HIKMICRO Sight App for streaming, recording, and control, along with a built-in 16GB internal memory for recording images and videos.

    All these features are housed in a newly designed chassis, developed for easy one-hand operation, and backed by a 3-year HIKMICRO UK warranty for peace of mind.

    In short, the Gryphon GQ50L is a high-specification, versatile thermal monocular that is a perfect tool for surveillance tasks requiring high-resolution thermal and night vision. It offers unrivalled performance and value for money in the field of surveillance.


  • £1,399.99

    Hikmicro Falcon 25mm Smart Thermal Surveillance Monocular

    • Compact size, easy to carry - A lightweight design weighing only 0.31kg/0.68lb.
    • Advanced 384x288 12um 12µm imaging sensor. 
    • Long detection range - with the advanced imaging sensor and lens, the detection range of a 1.7m target can reach up to 1181m.
    • Video and snapshot- Onboard 64GB memory offers storage space for snapshots and video clips. Recorded files can be downloaded when connected to a PC via a USB port. 
    • Wi-Fi hotspot for mobile app- An integrated Wi-Fi module means the T-vision app can act as a second display. Users can use digital zoom, video recording and other features on their phones. 
    • Smart range measurement - Measuring distance quickly with high accuracy based on the top and the bottom of the target 
    • Large digital zoom - Digital zoom up to 8x offers a better focus on small targets from a far distance.
    • 4 colour palettes - The LYNX Pro series provides four colour palettes for different scenarios. 

    The HIK Micro Falcon 25mm Smart Thermal Monocular represents a significant milestone in HIK Micro's range, offering an optimal blend of long-range detection and detailed identification, making it an ideal choice for surveillance tasks that require precision and accuracy.

    This model leverages HIK Micro's 384x288 12um sensor in tandem with a 25mm lens system, a combination that yields a detailed image ideal for monitoring human-sized targets. The 2.1x optical magnification extends the detection distance, making the Falcon 25mm a powerful and versatile unit adaptable to various surveillance situations. Its sub-35 NETD performance of the sensor guarantees detection of minor temperature changes and exceptional performance in challenging conditions, a crucial aspect for surveillance operations in diverse environmental settings.

    The Falcon 25mm carries forward the tried and tested software capabilities of the HIK monoculars range. This includes four color palettes - white-hot, black-hot, red-hot, and fusion - to cater to varying surveillance needs. Each palette offers unique benefits for different viewing conditions and environments, contributing to the monocular's adaptability.

    In addition, the Falcon 25mm has the capacity to record video or images with its onboard memory. This ensures that crucial moments in your surveillance operations are captured and can be reviewed for intelligence or evidence collection. The compatibility with the T-Vision app allows you to share or record your experiences seamlessly, a significant advantage in situations where real-time information sharing can be critical.

    In conclusion, the HIK Micro Falcon 25mm Smart Thermal Monocular offers a sophisticated solution for professionals in the surveillance field, bringing together long-range detection, detailed identification, and versatile software features to aid in effective surveillance of human targets across a range of distances and conditions.

  • £1,099.99

    Hikmicro Lynx Pro 19mm Smart Thermal Surveillance Monocular

    • 35mK NETD Rating - one of the most sensitive sensors available on the market, detecting even the smallest temperature differences!
    • Objective Focus Ring - precisely adjust the image to optimise your view over a wide range of distances.
    • 384x288px 12µm sensor - this change in pixel pitch boosts your magnification up to 1.8x allowing a detection distance of 897m (Human size target).
    • 1280 x 960px LCOS Screen - featuring the same large screen from the 35mm models, producing a clear and easy-to-use view of your surroundings.
    • 4 Colour Profiles
    • 8x Digital Magnification
    • Hot Track - activate Hot Tracking and your Lynx Pro will highlight the hottest spot detected in the current frame with a green crosshair.
    • T-Vision App compatibility - Connect, Stream and Record to your Smart Phone.

    The HIK Micro Lynx Pro 19mm 35mK Smart Thermal Monocular stands as a revolutionary addition to the HIK Micro range, presenting a host of premium features in a more cost-effective device, well-suited for detailed surveillance applications.

    The key characteristic of this model is its compact design, making it a pocket-sized solution for surveillance professionals. This is coupled with the added feature of a focus ring around the objective lens, which lets you adjust the image with precision to optimize your view across various distances, a critical factor when observing human targets for surveillance.

    A significant technological upgrade in the Lynx Pro is the incorporation of a 384x288px 12µm sensor. This advancement in pixel pitch enhances the magnification up to 1.8x, supporting a detection distance of 897m for human-sized targets. This enhancement not only improves the device's performance but also contributes to the cost-effectiveness of the unit.

    The Lynx Pro provides a large and clear view of your surroundings, enhancing user experience and making it an effective tool for monitoring people across various distances and in different lighting conditions.

    Moreover, the Lynx Pro is rich with typical HIK Micro features. These include four color profiles to cater to diverse surveillance needs and digital magnification up to 8x for detailed observation. Further enhancing its functionality, the Lynx Pro is compatible with the T-Vision App, allowing you to connect, stream, and record directly to your smartphone, thus facilitating efficient data management and sharing during surveillance operations.

    In summary, the HIK Micro Lynx Pro 19mm 35mK Smart Thermal Monocular is an advanced yet affordable solution for individuals in the surveillance sector, offering an array of features designed to facilitate effective monitoring of human targets across various distances.

  • £369.99

    Hikmicro Lynx 6mm Smart Thermal Surveillance Monocular

    • High sensitivity thermal module with 160 x 120 resolution
    • Leading thermal image processing technology - Adaptive AGC, DDE, 3D DNR
    • Resolution - 720 × 540 resolution 0.2-inch LCOS display
    • Built-in rechargeable lithium batteryUp to 10 hours continuous operation
    • Hot Track - activate Hot Tracking and your Lynx Pro will highlight the hottest spot detected in the current frame with a green crosshair.
    • T-Vision App compatibility - Connect, Stream and Record to your Smart Phone.

    The HikMicro LC06 handheld thermal monocular sets a high standard for surveillance equipment, offering a range of advanced features suitable for various applications, including surveillance, patrolling, search and rescue operations, hiking, and travel.

    This model is equipped with a high-sensitivity thermal module with a resolution of 160 x 120, capable of capturing even the smallest temperature differences. This, combined with a Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) of less than 35 mK at 25 ° C, allows for superior image quality even under challenging conditions. The high resolution, along with leading-edge thermal image processing technologies like Adaptive AGC, DDE, and 3D DNR, ensures clarity and precision, vital in surveillance scenarios where discerning detail is crucial.

    To enhance viewing comfort and user experience, the LC06 includes a 0.2-inch LCOS display with a 720 × 540 resolution. This sizable, high-resolution display provides a clear and comprehensive view of your surroundings, aiding in effective surveillance and detection of human targets even in complete darkness.

    Wi-Fi hotspot functionality stands out as a valuable feature, enabling the device to connect to other smart devices for real-time sharing and recording of thermal data. This could prove to be particularly useful in surveillance and rescue operations, where sharing information quickly and efficiently can be critical.

    The LC06 monocular is designed with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that can support up to 10 hours of continuous operation. This longevity ensures that the device won't fail during prolonged surveillance or patrolling tasks.

    The device also incorporates a Type-C interface for easy and quick charging, and the transfer of data.

    Overall, the HikMicro LC06 thermal monocular camera excels as a surveillance tool, providing reliable performance in darkness, challenging weather conditions, or when precision is needed to discern human figures at a distance. Its high-resolution thermal imaging, Wi-Fi connectivity, and long battery life make it an ideal choice for professionals in surveillance and related fields.