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Wireless Home CCTV Systems

We pride ourselves on offering specialised wireless home CCTV solutions. With offering greater flexibility than wired systems at an affordable price, you can place our wireless home security cameras far from outlets, without the expense of long lengths of cable.

Sometimes cabled security systems are just not practical, and thats why we have a range of wireless home CCTV systems that are specially tailored to solve a variety of problems. Perhaps you're looking for a home security system where you don't have to run vast lengths of coaxial cable, or maybe you need a long-range system that can send your surveillance images across a larger site. We have kits that will suit your needs!

Whether you need to monitor an area with limited access or need to frequently move cameras around your property, there are times when running a wired CCTV security system simply isnt an option. For these tricky assignments, weve put together our adaptable range of wireless CCTV camera systems for your home. Plus, most of our wireless home security cameras come with an IP66 rating, which means it can be used outdoors too.

How does a Wireless Home Security System work?

It's important to remember that even wireless CCTV cameras will still need to be connected to a power supply in order to work. Wireless home security cameras send their video and audio to a receiver via wireless transmission, but they still need to be plugged into a power source to function. Alternatively, you can opt for battery-powered home security systems, but these cameras aren’t always ideal since the battery can drain quickly and leave you unprotected.

Frequently asked questions about wireless home security systems

Do wireless CCTV cameras need a power supply?

All CCTV cameras need a power supply to function, but they can either plug into a power source or rely on batteries. Although you may like the idea of having a completely wireless home security system, battery-powered CCTV cameras can be more of a nuisance as the batteries will drain quickly and need to be replaced regularly. With a wireless system that plugs into a power source, you won’t need to worry about checking the power or forgetting to add new batteries.

Is it better to have wired or wireless security cameras?

Wired security systems are sometimes preferable because they can produce higher-quality images. Plus, they won’t be affected by signal interruptions like wireless systems can be. However, despite these advantages, many homeowners opt for wireless systems instead due to their convenience and ease of installation. You can set up wireless home security cameras by yourself in just a few minutes, so there’s no need to hire a professional to hardwire the system into your home.

Do you need Wi-Fi for wireless home security cameras?

Not all wireless cameras rely on your Wi-Fi network. While these security cameras are common, you can also use our wireless home security systems on an LTE plan. 

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Wireless Home CCTV Systems