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Wireless Systems

We pride ourselves on offering specialized wireless CCTV solutions, offering greater flexibility than wired systems at an affordable price. The benefit of wireless transmission is that it helps to reduce cumbersome cabling and can help you to place cameras further away without the expense of long lengths of cable.

Sometimes cabled security systems are just not practical and that is why we have a range of wireless CCTV systems that are specially tailored to solve a variety of problems. Perhaps you're looking for a home security system where you don't have to run vast lengths of coaxial cable or maybe you need a long-range system that can send your surveillance images across a larger site. We have kits that will suit your needs!

Whether you need to monitor an area with limited access or need to frequently move cameras around your site, there are times when running a wired CCTV security system simply is not an option. For these tricky assignments, we have put together our adaptable range of wireless CCTV camera systems for home and business. It's important to remember that even wireless CCTV cameras will still need to be connected to a power supply in order to work.

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Wireless Systems