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Spy Camera Systems

These fully-fledged spy and security camera systems couple up our tiny covert spy gadgets to our powerful CCTV recorders, giving you full control over advanced recording features, covering all areas of your home or business. These spy camera systems are really useful if you want a more CCTV-like system but with the covertness of spy cameras - simply by connecting the gadget into the back of the recording device, using an industry-standard BNC connection.

Our advanced CCTV recorders and wider spy camera systems can provide you with a whole range of features. With these systems, you can completely customise recording modes, to set up for motion detection and scheduling. Footage from the cameras are recorded onto a spacious hard drive, promising hours of storage. Many of these spy camera systems can also be connected via Wi-Fi, so that you can view the live cameras remotely, wherever you are.

Frequently asked questions about spy camera systems

Are spy cameras legal in the UK?

Yes, spy cameras are legal in the UK. It is legal to place spy cameras, of any shape or size, in your home or on your private property - without the need to follow data protection laws. It is also legal to install spy cameras on your business premises, although data protection laws do apply. 

To legally install spy cameras, you should not place cameras facing public areas, such as the street, other people’s private property, or in private places, such as bathrooms and changing rooms. 

Are there undetectable spy cameras?

The specific design of spy cameras, and what makes them different from traditional security cameras, is that they are discreet, disguisable and undetectable. Spy cameras have all different types of features, and come in all sizes and shapes, so be sure to do your research before purchasing - ensuring that your spy camera you buy will be undetectable for your needs. 

How do spy cameras work?

Spy cameras work just like any other CCTV camera - they record their surroundings. Some spy cameras can only record visuals, however, others also have audio recording capabilities with a built-in internal microphone, such as our motorised pan camera.

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Spy Camera Systems