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Disguised & Covert Spy Cameras

Disguised CCTV cameras can help you protect both property and or people, without having large, obvious cameras on display. Covert security cameras can be the best option if you want your CCTV equipment to remain hidden and discreet. Choose from this our range of disguised CCTV cameras to get the protection you need for your home or business.

We usually say that a big, visible and impressive CCTV system is a benefit as both a crime deterrent and an incident recording device. However, despite this, there are some situations when your security cameras really need to remain unseen. For example, if stock is going missing at work and you need to catch the culprit red-handed in order to take action, or if there’s been a rise of car burglaries in the area. Because of this, we offer covert recording solutions for those scenarios where discretion is essential.

Some of these kits offer cameras discretely disguised as everyday objects, such as smoke detectors or power banks, whilst others are just really small and easy to hide somewhere out of sight, like our tiny pinhole spy cameras. Whether you’re looking for a professional kit to monitor your business, or a tiny camera to protect your car, we're sure to have covert cameras to keep you covered.

Frequently asked questions about disguised cameras

What is a discreet camera?

Discreet cameras, also known as covert CCTV cameras, are small or easily disguisable cameras that can be placed around a home, vehicle or workplace; without others noticing that it is there. 

Are hidden CCTV cameras legal?

Hidden CCTV cameras are legal to install in the UK, in your home or business. Whilst your business will be expected to follow data protection laws, when handling footage, these laws do not apply to you within your home or on your private property. The only exception to these rules is that you cannot place hidden CCTV cameras in private areas, such as bathrooms or changing rooms, in public areas or facing other people’s property. 

How do you hide a covert camera?

The best covert cameras remain hidden by being blended into their environment. Most people choose to hide small covert cameras, like our tiny pinhole camera,  between décor or placed within objects, such as plant pots or tissue boxes. However, our range of disguised spy cameras are designed to look like everyday objects, such as alarm clocks and charging stands, which blend in seamlessly to their surroundings.

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Disguised & Covert Spy Cameras