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Wireless Cameras

Wireless CCTV cameras for home and business security remain one of the most convenient types of surveillance technology. Powered using a mains power supply cable, simply place your wireless security cameras wherever you’d like and connect it to your own Wi-Fi network to reap its wireless surveillance capabilities. Our range below features a variety of wireless cameras with a portable monitor, to our solar-powered 4G wireless security rig for the eco-conscious.

Wireless security cameras can help you monitor your home and/or business when you’re not present, wherever you are. These systems are ideal for capturing footage should the worst happen, or even just to keep an eye on your furry friend’s or employee’s safety. Instead of using an ethernet cable for a connection, you can tap into your own Wi-Fi network to monitor your cameras or record footage in high-definition. This means you can rest assured that you can keep an eye on your premises whenever you need to. Our range of wireless CCTV cameras are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, easy to power through your mains - or if you’re particularly eco-conscious - through our robust solar panel!

By opting for one of our wireless cameras, you're not just investing in a security and monitoring device; you're investing in your and others' safety.

Frequently asked questions about Wireless Cameras

What are standalone wireless CCTV cameras?

As the name implies, a standalone wireless CCTV camera is a device that doesn’t require a connection to a CCTV recorder. Instead, your footage is saved directly into a MicroSD card for you to take out and view on your device.

Do wireless CCTV cameras need internet?

If you wish to access your wireless CCTV camera footage remotely, you’ll need to have an internet connection. Some people prefer a wired connection out of personal preference or weak Wi-Fi signals within their home. However, our wireless cameras can simply connect to your home internet Wi-Fi hub to access live footage wherever you are, via our free app.

How do wireless cameras get power?

Wireless cameras get their power through a mains CCTV power supply. This, however, means wireless cameras aren’t truly wireless. They’re called wireless cameras because footage can be accessed remotely via your Wi-Fi network, as opposed to using an ethernet cable or having to record footage onto a separately wired device first. 

How are wireless CCTV cameras different from wired cameras?

Wireless CCTV cameras differ from wired cameras primarily in how they transmit video signals. Wired cameras need physical cables to connect to a recording device, whilst wireless cameras use Wi-Fi or other radio frequencies to send the footage wirelessly. This key difference means that wireless CCTV systems are often much easier to install and can be placed almost anywhere within range of the wireless network - providing great flexibility in positioning. 

What internet speed do I need for a wireless CCTV camera system?

For a home wireless security camera, a good rule of thumb is to have an upload speed of at least 1-5 Mbps per camera for high-definition (HD) video. Keep in mind that this is the speed needed for each camera to function well and send video feedback to your portable device. So if you have multiple cameras, you'll need to multiply this speed requirement by the number of cameras to calculate your total required bandwidth. It's important to ensure your internet can handle this load along with your other online activities without slowing down.

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Wireless Cameras