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We believe that our customer reviews speak volumes about how we work, so we've collected a few here. You can read all our latest customer reviews on Trustpilot, an independent site that shows all reviews, good or bad.

Some of our top feedback

"A company offering CCTV equipment isn't something that you usually search for on the internet. This was something that was completely alien to me. When your Dad, the most caring man you know, tells you that he has been pushed to the ground and repeatedly kicked in the stomach only yards from his front door, you can't help but worry about his safety. Your home should be your sanctuary, somewhere completely safe and secure. With my Dad being disabled and a pensioner, this act of violence was even more horrific. With the Police being powerless to do anything they suggested installing CCTV cameras. The quotes from local CCTV companies, for equipment and installation, were significantly more than we expected and more than we could afford. From my google search I identified as the company that was offering identical equipment. It is heart-warming when you get such helpful and kind people, on the other end of the phone, during such a difficult time. With my Dad feeling extremely vulnerable he was particularly touched by the advice and support. We were both overwhelmed by just how much a company cared. The CCTV equipment is 'up and running' and at a third of the cost quoted by the local CCTV companies. The after-sales has been superb. Circumstances unfortunately dictates the purchase of CCTV equipment. My Dad and I couldn't have wished for a more supportive company. We've been guided through every stage, with our queries always being answered. We are so appreciative of this. Thank you so much."
—Annette, Norfolk

"I loved the quirky, friendly emails! I found Spycamera a great site, wasn`t sure what I needed, so I phoned them, they were so helpful and friendly. The speed of delivery was outstanding, and as I ordered over Easter, they included a pack of Easter eggs! How good was that! Unfortunately, the goods I ordered weren't suitable for my needs, but no problem, they emailed me (not the standard type, but personal, friendly ones) every step of the refund process. Would definitely use them again."
—Jacqui Allan

"Without reservation I can recommend for their true professionalism and ability to deliver what they promise. I bought a 4 camera and DVR system and plugged it in and could see images straight away on the local monitor, had me broadcasting live in no time at all with their remote DVR set up and now I can view it on my iPhone or PC’s no matter where I am - Great job Neil.

I have had dealings with another web supplier and once they had my money they refused to answer any emails or phone calls so please avoid them. Use the professionals that customers are happy to recommend"
—Kenny McKay

"Just to say the Horse Foal camera arrived this morning and is absolutely superb - has worked through 2 extremely thick stone walls and a 40m distance and the picture is crystal clear. We are really impressed and will take a lot of worry out of this year’s foaling season."
—Nick, Gloucester

“Thank you for all your help, the system is up and running in the shop and has already caught two thieves in just a week. Both are being prosecuted, something we were unable to do before your system was introduced.”
—Mr Reading, Newcastle

 “Just a quick note to say we have caught two of the cleaners stealing from the warehouse earlier in the week, your pinhole Camera was perfect and as they didn't know they were being filmed we had perfect audio and video for the police.....Thank you!”
—Mr Ball, Oddington

“I recently purchased from you two Infra red wireless cameras, you may remember my predicament with two perpetrators breaking my windows and wrecking my cars, well, here is an update, one of the camera's fitted to the front of my house, at 2am last Sunday, range about 9 meters, caught images clear enough for both to be able to be positively identified and named, the idiots hadn't pulled their hoods up or covered their faces.. woo hoo......... The other camera had been slightly modified, the battery lead has been fitted with a car cig lighter plug and was in a friend's car down the street,(about 20 meters from the receiver) not only did it catch sound of the said two discussing the 'red light' on my house, but, on the previous Monday night it caught somebody breaking into another car,( one arrest has been made), and on Wednesday, at 1am two youths stealing petrol from another car, (one arrest pending), I can't speak highly enough of these camera's, so said on behalf of some of my neighbours too.”
—Mr Lang, Newport

"We got one of your cameras and it is great we set it up in a birdbox my dad made. We could'nt see any thing going in but then a few weeks ago I saw a great tit going in my dad then set it up so we could watch it on the television. I was very excited when I saw three chicks in the nest. We see the mother and the father coming to feed them. I can't wait until they fly. Thank you."
—Leah Shipley, aged 12

"We wanted to write to thank you for your contribution to our programme. We hope the programme goes someway to highlight what is happening across the country when it comes to our older members of society. Hopefully by getting as much information out there we can try to protect older people from being targeted and exploited by criminals and organised gangs. Obviously the spine of the programme was the CCTV footage of the carer stealing from Margaret. I know it became a much larger task than we had originally conceived but it would have been impossible to do without your team. It has also lead Margaret and her family feeling they were able to stop this carer from stealing from other families as well. We’re sure you’ll be pleased to hear that the programme was very well received and did very well in the ratings. Thanks again for the time and effort your put into the film and get the footage we needed."
—Lisa Keane & Becky Colls, ITV Studios

"I just wanted to say thanks for the brilliant service. I was brand new to the CCTV world and the member of staff I spoke to couldn't have been more helpful, polite and accommodating. I gave him a relatively small budget and he managed to get me everything I wanted for less than the price I gave him. The system was easy to set up and and the quality is amazing. I only wish I took down his name so I could say thank you personally."
—Lewis, Birmingham