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Portable LCD Screens

Wireless CCTV Kits with Portable LCD Monitors

Our wireless security cameras with portable LCD screens are one of our most popular options for those looking for a starter CCTV system. These feature-packed kits are both easy-to-use and fully customisable so that you can have peace-of-mind that you have a capable and advanced solution protecting your home.

Wireless CCTV Kits with Portable LCD Monitors

These CCTV systems are ideal for those who are looking for a powerful home security solution for a great price. Once powered, these cameras send video and sound over wireless up to 100 metres away. The 3-in-1 monitors receive the signal so that you can view, record and stream the footage.

Can I use these cameras outdoors?

Yes. These cameras are weatherproofed to an IP66 standard, which means that they are more than capable at being installed for use outdoors.

What is the best wireless kit for my home?

Think about how many cameras you need. You can have between one and four cameras connected to the portable monitor giving you the flexibility to add more cameras at a later date. Our kits are easy to set up and install so you can be up-and-running in no time at all.

Can I record the cameras’ footage?

Our portable LCD screens feature an in-built MicroSD card slot so that you can capture footage – all in HD. This means you can watch back footage and copy files to your computer. Cards up to 128GB in capacity are supported. You can set up a schedule for recording or enable motion detection so that the camera’s footage is only recorded when body heat is detected in front of the camera.

How do I view live footage on my smartphone or tablet?

When your monitor is connected to your network router with an Ethernet cable, you can view live footage and receive push notifications on your phone or tablet by downloading the free app. This means you can remotely access what is happening when you are away from your home – anywhere with an internet connection.

What night vision range do these cameras have?

Our cameras feature powerful infra-red night vision and can see up to 10 metres away ensuring that they have 24/7 surveillance capability.

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Portable LCD Screens