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Pinhole Spy Cameras

While disguised spy cameras are ideal for many applications, sometimes you just need to keep the camera completely out of sight. In situations like these, the best option is usually a pinhole spy camera. These tiny pinhole spy cameras are small enough to be hidden inside everyday objects (for example, a tissue box) with just the tiniest hole for the lens to peer through. A gap of just 2 mm is enough for these tiny pinhole cameras to do their thing. For areas that are tricky to access, a wireless pinhole spy camera should do the trick, but if you can go for a wired option, you will get a much better quality image without interference.

Our wide range of pinhole cameras includes everything from great-value standard-definition cameras to HD cameras and low-light models suitable for use in dimly lit conditions. We even have wireless cameras that can transmit to a receiver hidden away nearby, making installation much quicker and easier.

Frequently asked questions about pinhole cameras 

How do pinhole cameras work?

Instead of having a lens, pinhole cameras have a tiny aperture (pinhole) that lets in light. This light passes through the aperture and projects an inverted image on the opposite side of the device. This image will be flipped back over to the right perspective in the camera’s footage.

Are pinhole cameras still used?

Although this is an older camera technology, pinhole cameras are still very useful for particular applications. Since pinhole cameras can be very small, they’re popular as covert cameras that can be hidden around your home or office. Pinhole spy cameras are a fantastic security tool if disguised cameras still aren’t discreet enough for you.

Why should you use a pinhole spy camera?

Worried about your home or office security? Discreet pinhole spy cameras are ideal for catching criminal behaviour if you’re concerned about potential intruders or strangers in your home (such as caregivers or tradespeople). As long as these spy cameras aren’t placed in private areas such as bathrooms, it’s legal to record footage covertly on your own property with hidden pinhole cameras, which can be disguised within a wide variety of household items (such as bookshelves, tissue boxes, potted plants, teddy bears or smoke detectors).

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