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8 of the craziest GoPro videos you will ever see

Us folks at SpyCameraCCTV are super excited as we are now stocking GoPro cameras. The super tough, waterproof 1080p HD Hero 3 is now available from our website and is the best thing since sliced bread if you want to capture great footage of extreme sports, driving, swimming on holiday or pretty much whatever you get up to.

To celebrate this week I tracked down some of the most eye popping and amazing footage caught on GoPro cameras around the world. So get comfortable and check out some of these daredevils and their risky escapades from the safety of your own home, without having to climb mountains, ride very fast down hills or jump out of a plane.

We start with some invigorating footage of two chaps Kayaking down a drainage ditch in British Columbia and out to a river. Although there appears to be only a tiny amount of water involved this doesn’t stop them getting some impressive speeds of up to 45 miles an hour.

From down on the ground to up in the air next. Here is a frankly terrifying video of a man on his way to work. Unfortunately he works at the top of a 1768 ft tall tower and his job involves checking equipment which is up there in the clouds. Puts the commute to work into perspective a bit.

Someone who can’t decide whether they want to be in the air or on the ground is Kelly McGarry who we can see in this next clip doing backflips over a 72ft deep canyon. As if that’s not crazy enough he is also doing it on a bicycle powered only by his human legs.

Next up we have this rather brave fellow Matthias Giraud jumping off the edge of a cliff during an avalanche and parachuting down to safety. I was going to do this myself but he got there first so there doesn’t really seem any point now.

Just to give you an idea of how tough these cameras are and what you can put them through here is a video showing a camera falling from a plane all the way down to earth where it lands in a pig pen next to a curious pig. That’s a pretty tough camera there.

More things falling out of the sky next, this time it’s a man. This pretty darn scary footage shows in first person what happens if you jump from 1000ft off the side a cliff and your parachute doesn’t open properly, it’s nail biting stuff.

Easily the most unusual video in our selection today here we see a man floating up into the sky on a chair attached to a lot of helium balloons before bursting them with a shotgun and skydiving down to earth. As you do. I’m not entirely sure why he did this but it’s pretty awesome and the footage is incredible.

Last and by no means least; one of the most crazy and dramatic things I’ve seen captured on a GoPro. Two planes full of skydivers crashing into each other in mid air and falling (safely) down to earth. This clip shows the event from the multiple perspectives of the different skydivers’ GoPro cameras and really has to be seen to be believed.

While we don’t suggest the average person to try such extreme endeavours as these (not even if the footage is really cool) you can film your experiences and start your own GoPro video collection by visiting the SpyCameraCCTV website and checking one out. Try filming some less dramatic activities first before jumping off a cliff or doing backflips over a canyon though, that’s my advice.


Main image- GoPro on Youtube

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