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Close calls, Licensing, and Sharks – This week’s CCTV Stories

Every week we scour the news to find the most pressing (or surreal) video, surveillance and CCTV stories, so you don’t have to.

Baby and pushchair in terrifying tube plunge

This video (courtesy of Reuters) captures the terrifying moment a baby in a pushchair rolled straight onto the tracks at Goodge street tube station, apparently shifted from a stairway by a freak gust of air. The mother immediately leaps to the child’s aid, climbing down onto the tracks to hoist the bairn to safety, seemingly moments before another train arrived. Both were incredibly lucky to make it away unscathed and avoiding electrocution.

Portsmouth Pub’s licence revoked pending proper CCTV coverage

In a stark reminder of the importance of proper CCTV installation for licenced businesses, a pub in Portsmouth has had it’s alcohol licence taken away until it’s CCTV system is improved. Pressure had been placed on the council by local police, who had received numerous complaints about antisocial noise, as well as the venue staying open after hours. When threatened with closure, local residents raised their voices in support of the pub, and it’s important place in the community. The council relented, and agreed it could get it’s licence back once the police were satisfied that their new CCTV system was fit to record any incidents that happened on the property.

Japanese researchers pioneer shark fin-cam to help biologists

Wired have a fascinating report on a team of Japanese scientists, who have put together a unique camera system that can be attached to the fin of a shark. The device is designed to record both video and positioning data while “on-board”, before automatically detaching after 2 weeks, and sending a radio signal so scientists can locate it for a pick-up. The researchers claim to have already used it to snag unique footage of different shark species congregating together and searching for mates. Whilst we are proud of how our trail cameras can be used to record wildlife in the field, this might be a bit beyond their capabilities!

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