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Covert vs Overt Security – Which is the right choice for you?

There are many different reasons and scenarios that lead to people looking for new Home Security Cameras. Whether it’s criminal damage to property in your garden, abuse from antisocial neighbours, or concern over breaking and entering, in every case you want to ensure your property and family remain safe.  But with the wealth of Security and CCTV options available now, it can be very hard to find the right solution for your problem. In particular, many people ask whether it is best to use visible CCTV, or Covert Security Cameras.

Gamut Dome CCTV Security Camera with 420TVL recording
One of our vandalproof Dome CCTV cameras

When talking to customers in this situation, we generally suggest that visible, or “Overt”, CCTV cameras often provide the best results. The simple reason for this is that an imposing CCTV camera in a rugged white metal housing has a proven deterrent effect- the fact that there is a market for dummy cameras is proof of this! Any criminals thinking of targeting your property may well be dissuaded from doing so by the camera alone, and if not then the footage will be there to catch them out! We have a wide range of such security cameras to choose from, including traditional bullet shaped cameras, as well as vandalproof dome camera designs. Overt CCTV cameras also include much brighter night vision LEDs, with some illuminating subjects up to 60m away!

Wireless IP Camera hidden in Smoke Detector
This Smoke Detector hides a wireless hidden camera!

There are some situations however, that simply call for absolute discretion. Perhaps you are concerned about staff members stealing at work, or maybe you are looking to capture an incriminating conversation on video.  In these scenarios, Covert cameras will help you catch people in the act without them suspecting anything! Just remember though- whilst they can help prove people are guilty, it won’t prevent them doing it in the first place! There are many options for hidden surveillance, including both camouflaged cameras and tiny concealable devices. Our Hidden Smoke Detector WiFi IP Camera for example, looks just like an ordinary smoke alarm, but hides a tiny camera that can be viewed over a wireless network. This means you can watch your office or stockroom over the internet without any suspicious cables! We also have an extensive range of pinhole cameras that can be installed behind a wall with just a 2mm gap to see through.

Whatever your requirements, our expert advisers have years of experience helping customers in similar situations, so why not get in touch and we can guide you through the process!

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