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Hikvision TurboHD TVI CCTV Systems Now Available

We excitedly announced this summer our partnership with Hikvision who are the world’s largest supplier of CCTV and video surveillance equipment. Launching the brand new Hikvision TurboHD TVI CCTV range we entered an exciting new era where traditional CCTV systems are given a new lease of life. We are pleased to announce that our latest news is that we now have a full range of TVI CCTV systems available on our website.

What are the benefits of Hikvision TurboHD TVI CCTV?

View this video in 1080p HD at full screen to make the best comparison.

In our previous blog post we mentioned a few benefits of the TurboHD cameras, and one of the biggest advantages of TurboHD TVI systems is that they marry the quality of a much improved 1080p HD image whilst being compatible with existing standard coax cables. This means that the stress of upgrading an existing CCTV system is completely circumvented. Rather than enduring the tedious process of replacing all the cabling between the cameras and the recorder, only the cameras and the DVR need to be upgraded in order to reap the quality benefits.

With the customer who wants to upgrade in mind, our online bundles are supplied without cables as standard so that you do not need to unnecessarily purchase the cables again. If, of course, you do require cable lengths they can be purchased as an optional extra from the drop-down menu on the product page.Hikvision TurboHD TVI CCTV Bundle

How does TVI compare to HD IP CCTV Systems?

HD IP Camera systems use fully digital network cables to transmit CCTV images to the recorder and you may wonder how these differ to the TVI systems. IP cameras have the drawback that there tends to be a lag when watching live pictures. Because data travels across a network to the recorder a latency occurs in the transmission of IP cameras, which means there is a small delay when watching live playback. TurboHD TVI systems do not suffer from this drawback as they use coaxial cables and so image transmission occurs virtually instantly. This makes these TVI systems a viable competitor for high-quality HD CCTV.


What systems are available?

Hikvision TurboHD TVI CCTV Bundle

There are a comprehensive range of 4 camera and 8 camera CCTV system bundles available on our website for you to see. We supply both bullet and dome camera packs with a range of night vision distances to suit your needs.The Digital Video Recorders are made available with a 1TB or 2TB hard drive as standard for plenty of recording storage.

These DVRs can also be upgraded with hard drives of a capacity of 6TB should this be a requirement. Also included are a range of versatile features such as motion detection and scheduled recording. You can also remotely access your footage from anywhere with a network connection if you hook your recorder to the internet.

Designed to face the toughest of the outdoor elements, these cameras are weather-proofed to an IP66 rated standard. We have systems with 20 metre night vision and for those who need a bit more coverage at night 50 metre variants.

Night vision camera

Find out more

You can take a look at our Hikvision TVI systems on our website or alternatively if you would like to discuss CCTV options with our support team then you can call us on 0117 325 2470.

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