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Hoverboard Halloween!

Whether you call them wheelie boards, self-balancing scooters, swegways or even hoverboards it is clear that they are becoming a must-have item for this Christmas. Part of the reason for the buzz surrounding this latest craze is the coverage on social media. Videos of the self-balancing scooters have been appearing left, right and centre showing the trials and tribulations of their new owners. This month in truly terrifying style people have been using their wheelie boards for full ghostly effect for Halloween, something that we’ve entitled ‘Hoverboard Halloween’. We have picked a few of the most hilarious videos provided by the internet.

Darth Vader Wheelie Board Fail

Darth Vader uses the force:

‘Modern Day Aladdin’

A modern day interpretation on the magic carpet:

Ghostly Hovering Ghost Prank

These pranksters spook innocent bystanders with their costume and wheelie board concoction:

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Hover-great Halloween!

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