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Increase Your Range with Digital Wireless CCTV

Digital Wireless CCTV systems present a wonderfully versatile way to keep a secure eye on areas in where a traditional outdoor CCTV camera would be impractical. Not having to drill holes for video cables also means they are easier to move around once installed, and are great for customers renting property. All of this flexibility is not without limitations however, as traditional Wireless signals will begin to break down over longer distances. Not only that, but nearby Wi-Fi signals can cause interference.

4 Cam 500m Long Range Digital Wireless CCTV Quad System 15m IR Farm Security
Our 4 camera foaling kit uses 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission

Luckily, our new range of long range digital wireless CCTV equipment has been purpose designed to help prevent these issues. The range includes both cameras with built in transmitters and separate devices that allow you to convert standard CCTV cameras to wireless.

Where traditional Wireless gear sends an analogue signal, digital wireless cameras send data in encoded “packets” between uniquely paired devices. If this sounds confusing, then don’t worry it’s no more technical to set up than standard equipment. It does however, provide some distinct benefits.

Increased Signal Range

Digital Wireless CCTV Video and Audio Transmitter and Receiver

As the information is sent from the camera in discretely coded packages, the video experiences significantly less loss in quality due to range. The practical benefit of this is that you can place the receiver much further away and still pick up your video. Whilst our standard Wireless kit can send signal up to 70m, our equivalent Digital Wireless transmitters are capable of up to 100m – an improvement of over 40%. Of course, as with all Wireless equipment, solid obstructions such as walls will significantly reduce this distance.

Encrypted Signal

All of our Digital transmitters use encryption, meaning there is no way for any external devices to pick up your signal. This is an important feature, as it means it is impossible for anyone else to watch your security footage – an important consideration for cameras in sensitive areas.

Digital Wireless CCTV 10 Metre IR Infrared Colour Camera

Greatly Reduced Interference

Because of the advanced way they transmit signals, digital wireless CCTV systems are less prone to interference from devices on similar frequencies such as Wi-Fi routers and cordless phones. This makes them a great option for wireless home security systems in crowded urban areas where this often poses a problem.

Send Control Signals

These new devices actually allow two way communication, meaning you can send signals from the receiver to the cameras. Our digital IR remote repeaters make fantastic use of this feature, allowing you to point your DVR remote control at the receiver, and use it to change settings on your recorder at the transmitter end.

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