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Is Your CCTV Ready For When The Clocks Turn Back?

2AM, Sunday October 25th– that’s the important date to remember! This sees the end of British Summer Time, with the clocks turning back an hour and granting us all a blissful extra hour in bed each morning. Unfortunately, these days this can also lead to confusion, as we try and remember which of our electronic devices will adjust this automatically, and which ones have to be set manually. Amongst the list of alarms, watches and phones, don’t forget one important thing when the clocks turn back- check your CCTV recorder’s time is correct!

Why Does This Matter?

As well as providing a visual deterrent, one of the most important reasons for having CCTV is to provide a record should there be any incidents. Obviously, if your DVR’s internal time is incorrect, then not only will it be difficult to go back and find the correct recordings, but they would also have an inaccurate time stamp, should they be needed as evidence. This means that, whilst it is all to easy to overlook it, your DVR could be one of the most important things to check on the morning of the 25th.

Do I Have To Manually Change It?

Most of our home security systems now include Hikvision recorders, which boast some of the most easy to use and intuitive software around. Hikvision’s recorders will ask you to set the time on during the initial configuration process. In most cases however, this will not be controlled via your network, so you will need to manually change it when it turns back. Not to worry though, it’s a really simple process, just follow these steps:

Right click to bring up menu
Select “configuration”
Under “General” edit the “System Time”

If you are using one of our SPYZ series battery-powered spy cameras, then the time is set in different ways depending on how you have the software widget set up. Don’t fear though, we have a full run-down of the options available in this software- along with loads of other vital tips and info- over on our new support blog.

Of course, it’s also important to make sure that any infra-red cameras you have set up have good range and coverage, as the nights draw in ever longer. You can find some tips on setting up your cameras in our handy post here

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