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Live Streaming with SpyCameraCCTV HD CCTV Cameras

In recent weeks our CCTV cameras have been involved in some unusual but fascinating projects.

The first of these projects was appropriately named ‘Dude! Where’s my chicken?’ Essentially it’s Big Brother, but chickens, not people. 1 farm, 500 real chickens, lots of cameras spread around 6 different themed areas. Pointless? Well that was the question were asking. It attracted a lot of attention over social media and was enjoyed by all in the office, so you could argue for both corners! All a bit of fun we think.

The second project revolved around the release of Forza Motorsport 4 on the Xbox 360. Over six days a team of pro race mechanics built a Tornado replica of the Ford GT40, all in London’s Westfield shopping centre. But this just wasn’t any old car build in a shopping centre – the components which will be fitted to the car are decided by daily votes, therefore the public could decide how the car will look and perform. Once a vote had been locked in, the mechanics got to work. Visitors to the website could follow the live stream and watch each component being installed, as well as the car gradually coming together day-by-day.

The cameras that were used for each project included the fantastic 700 TV Line security camera, giving amazing clarity perfect for streaming over the internet. The user was also able to adjust the manual zoom, ideal to monitor any misbehaving chickens! For the Forza Motorsport project we used a selection of pan tilt zoom dome cameras, which allowed the camera to focus upon the mechanics, and if need be switch between 2 pre set positions with a designated speed. Both sets of footage were recorded onto the super duper 2TB 8 Channel Digital Video Recorder which was set-up to be accessible over the internet, giving the user access to the live video feed. It’s the real heavy weight of the DVR world.

We will keep you updated of any other projects we have coming up in the near future.

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