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Meet Pixie, the Simple Home Security Camera

For customers looking to find an easy-to-use home security camera to view online the choice out there can be rather bewildering. From IP cameras to webcams and pan & tilt, there are many options on the market but all too often they have been designed as a camera first and then the software and user experience comes as an afterthought. Because of this, our new camera has been designed from the ground up with usability and simple software in mind. After all, what use is a great camera if the interface is too confusing for people in your home to use it?

The name of this new camera? Pixie!


More than meets the eye

Naturally, the first thing everyone notices when they see the camera is the friendly (if rather shocked looking) face on the front. This unique design gives it an unassuming presence on a shelf or desk. This makes it great for a wide range of uses:

  • Nanny Cam. Pixie is ideal for checking up on your kids when the Nanny is looking after them. It’s little face is a unimposing presence for young children
  • Pet Camera. Need to keep an eye on your cats or dog whilst away in the office? Pixie is the perfect solution! 
  • Elderly Care. Many customers are keen to find a camera that can help them check up on their vulnerable relatives. Pixie actually has 2 way audio, allowing you to talk from a speaker on the camera through your phone
  • Home Monitoring. In addition to caring for relatives & pets, the camera is also a simple way to check on your home when you’re at work or on holiday

Not only that, but it’s kitted out with all of the practical features that you would expect from a reliable home security camera. These include clear and detailed 720p HD video recording from a 125-degree wide-angle lens, night vision recording and a MicroSD card slot compatible with cards up to 32GB in capacity.

FORVIEW smartphone app

Pixie App

Key to the camera’s usability is the free FORVIEW app, allowing remote viewing of live and recorded footage over iOS and Android smartphones. Unlike many similar cameras on the market the set-up is a breeze. After installing the app just plug the camera into the mains and hit the “WPS” button to connect to your Wi-Fi network. You can now follow the simple on-screen instructions in the app to configure viewing it doesn’t require any specialist knowledge.

As well as allowing you to play back and watch live footage, the app also has a host of great features such as allowing push notifications to your phone or smartwatch when the camera is triggered. Furthermore two-way talk allows you to both hear what is happening by your camera and to talkback to the camera through its integrated speaker enabling you to communicate with whoever is nearby.

I’m Here Geo-fence function

What good are push notifications if you’re nearby the camera? That’s why the ‘I’m Here’ Geo-fence function automatically disables push notifications when you are at home. Simply set the location of your house on the app and it configures a geo-fence area around this location. When you enter the geo-fence the app will disable push notifications to prevent any annoying and unnecessary notifications telling you that you have just walked past your own camera!


Pixie on table

Get your Simple Home Security Camera solution today

See how simple it is to set up Pixie – get yours today on our website at just £99.99!

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