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Product of the Month: New Ultra Low Light Security Cameras

This week sees the arrival of two brand new CCTV cameras to the SpyCameraCCTV range, and we are really quite excited about them! Both devices are Ultra Low Light Security Cameras, providing a potent new option for those looking for the best round-the-clock monitoring! This makes them ideally suited to demanding Business security installations, such as monitoring Car Parks or empty properties.

Ultra Low Light Security Camera 0.00001Lux 700TVL with Varifocal Lens
Our new ultra low light security camera

The cameras use the latest Sony imaging technology to allow them to keep recording in light levels as low as 0.00001 Lux-  as a comparison, most moonlight scenes register at 0.01 Lux, so this really is an astonishing feat! Not only that, but it keeps recording in full colour, even during low light situations. This is an extremely useful feature, as it means that, should your footage be required as evidence, vital information such as the colour of clothing or vehicles can be recorded. Crucially, these cameras work by boosting the ambient light in the image. This is very different from most traditional Night Vision CCTV Cameras, which actively illuminate the subject using Infra-Red LEDs. Whilst this gives great control over the subject’s illumination, the new cameras have some distinct advantages over this system.

Low Light Security Camera Example Image
Screen Captures from our new camera

Firstly, IR LEDs often cause issues with Wide Angle lenses, as the cone of light they produce will not reach areas in the corner of the image. This leads to a phenomenon called “vignetting”, where the corners of the image are very dark. As the new Low Lux cameras use existing light, this is not an issue. In order to take full advantage of this both cameras are fitted with Varifocal lenses, allowing up to a massive 110° angle of view.

Ultra Low Light Dome Security Camera 0.00001Lux 700TVL Varifocal Lens
Our new low light dome camera

Furthermore, cameras with IR LEDs are also inherently limited by the range that they can illuminate. Like using a torch in a large field, subjects beyond this range won’t be clear in recordings. As the newer design doesn’t use this method, they are not distance limited in the same way. Of course, if you plan on recording subjects at a distance we recommend adjusting the Varifocal lens to it’s most zoomed-in position in order to maximise details. Not only that, but these new cameras do not have the characteristic faint red glow that most IR cameras produce, making them much easier to conceal for discreet use.

The new cameras come in two distinct designs- a traditional “bullet style” Camera, as well as a vandal proof Dome Camera. The former offers extensive weather sealing, making it ideal for use in exposed outdoor sites, whereas the latter is perfect for use on properties such as warehouses or stock rooms. Both designs, however, feature the versatile Varifocal lenses, as well as recording high resolution 700TV Line Video. All this makes these versatile cameras make an ideal addition to our wide range of Night Vision Security Systems!

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