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Recording CCTV: Should I use a Digital Video Recorder or My PC?

Choosing a new CCTV security system can often seem intimidating for first time buyers, especially considering the vast range of options available for Standalone CCTV Recorders. Hard Drive size, frame rates and channels are all important to consider, but can seem truly impenetrable upon first consideration!

USB Video Capture Device AV RCA CCTV DVR Motion Detect
Our simple USB adapter is a great value way to set up a CCTV system!

What many people don’t realise however is that you can actually set up a basic CCTV recording system just using your home PC. Simply by using our USB video capture kit, you can connect any analogue camera straight to a computer and start recording to the hard drive.  The included software even allows a host of advanced features such as Motion Detection, usually found only in standalone DVRs. But what is the right choice for your system PC or DVR? We’ve prepared this handy table comparing the relative benefits of using both kits!

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