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Spy Camera Scenario: Cheating Partners – Are Your Suspicions True?


For a while now I’ve been suspecting my partner is having an affair. However I don’t know how to prove this. Could you help me with what the best way to do this would be? I’ve been hesitant now for a few weeks but I think it’s time that I find an answer. I need something that is discreet and reliable but has no chance of being recognised.


It really depends on what you want to find out, but if you suspect that your partner is bringing someone back to your home then the Spy Cam Alarm Clock would be a good choice.
You can have it beside the bed and it will function as a real alarm clock whilst recording any movement. The camera has a wide angled lens and so can be placed in the corner of the room for a corner-to-corner view. There is even an inbuilt microphone and night vision, with very high resolution. The footage is recorded onto an SD card and so you can plug it straight into your computer to play it back.

Spy Radio Alarm Clock With Covert Night Vision Sony CCD Camera DVR

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