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Spy Camera Scenario: Is Somebody Stealing From Your Stock Room?

This week sees the return of a popular feature on our blog, our exclusive Spycam Scenarios. In each post, we will break down a common real world security problem for our customers, and explain the best solution using our expert product knowledge! This week we look at what is unfortunately an all-too-common situation for small retail business…


I own a small sized shop selling men’s clothing. Over the last few weeks we have been getting serious stock discrepancies, and I am concerned a staff member is stealing from our back office stock room. I need a discreet camera system that can catch them in the act without them knowing!  How many cameras will I need? Can I conceal them in the shop’s suspended ceiling?

Covert Pinhole Security Camera in Discreet UFO Dome, 540TVL Sony CCD

Our selection of Hidden Pinhole Spy Cameras is perfectly suited to this type of security, with a wide variety of designs and set ups available. Our new Pinhole Security Camera in Discreet ‘UFO’ Dome for example, hides a high quality camera inside of a compact metal dome. The camera uses a wide angle lens to record everything within a 110 degree angle of view, easily covering a small back office with one camera. The dome mount encasing the device is deceptively small, and looks completely innocuous when installed in the ceiling, easily being mistaken for an alarm sensor or detector. The mount is even designed for suspended ceilings, allowing you to run any potentially suspicious wiring above the tiles and back to a Digital Video Recorder. Despite their compact size, all of our wired spy cameras use the same type of imaging chips as our full sized CCTV cameras, and records in light levels as low as 0.1Lux (moonlight) so you don’t need to worry about image quality!
2 Wireless Spy Camera Covert Home CCTV System w Motion Detect LAN DVR

If you are looking for a bit more flexibility with the set up, then our 2 Spy Camera Wireless Security System is a great alternative. This kit includes 2 cameras with slightly narrower fields of view, ideal for focussing on a specific area of your stock room. As the cameras are wireless, they are also much easier to rearrange should you want to change where they are pointing. Each camera is equipped with a pinhole lens capable of peeking through gaps as slim as 2mm, so they can easily be installed inside of a filling cabinet or behind a bookshelf, with nothing but the tiny lens exposed. The included DVR also boasts a Motion Detection mode, ensuring whenever someone is in the room you will capture them on video!

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