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Spy Camera Scenario: Is Someone Stealing From My Desk Drawer?


I work in the accounts department in a medium sized company selling Business to Business. Recently, I have been concerned that other people in the office have been reading private and sensitive documents kept in my desk drawer. Only a few people have access to the office, but I need a covert surveillance system to catch one of them red handed in order to prove my case to management. Is there anything I can install in my drawer to record one of them in the act?



This type of security problem, which revolves around monitoring over a long period of time for potential activity, presents an ideal opportunity to use a Motion Detection recorder.  Devices that use this feature will constantly monitor a video feed, and only trigger recording when they see movement. For this scenario, if a pinhole camera with Motion Detection is placed inside the drawer, it will automatically start recording every time it is opened. Not only does this ensure the perpetrator is caught in the act, but prevents the need for watching over hours of video of the inside of a desk! But how can you keep this covert, and how will the devices be powered?

HD Pinhole Spy Camera hidden in Battery w Micro SD Motion Detect DVR
Our HD spy camera is concealed inside a Battery casing

One of the simplest ways to achieve this is with a battery powered Spy Camera such as our brand new Battery Pinhole Spy Camera. This ingenious device conceals a tiny spy camera inside the casing of a Lithium Rechargeable Power bank.  The pinhole lens records from a tiny gap in the side of the casing, easily mistaken for a power jack. When left amongst other common office accessories such as USB cables, nobody would look twice at this device as it captures them rifling through your documents! The camera records straight to a built in Micro SD slot providing an easy way to store and transfer clips. Not only that, but the device works from a built-in battery, so there’s no need to run suspicious trailing cables into the drawer.

Wireless 2.4GHz Pinhole Hidden Mini Spy Camera DVR with SD Recording
Our Wireless spy camera and recorder kit comes with everything you need!

If you are looking for a more in depth system with advanced recording settings, then our Wireless Spy Camera with DVR kit is a great all-inclusive option! The included camera features a tiny pinhole lens, allowing it to record footage through gaps as small as 2mm. This means you can easily make a hole in the back of the drawer, and then set the camera up behind this, pointed slightly up. This not only helps make sure anyone accessing the drawer is in the shot, but also helps keep the set up discreet. The required power cable can then be run to the camera from behind the desk, away from prying eyes. The included recorder features a built in Wireless receiver, capable of picking up and storing video and audio from the other side of the office. This compact device- about the size of a DVD case- can then activate Motion Detection, and store footage straight onto SD cards. It doesn’t even need to be connected to a monitor to work, so you can leave it hidden away, on standby in case your suspect returns!

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