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Spy Camera Scenario: Remotely Monitoring a Dog While at Work


I have recently adopted a lovely terrier from a dog’s home. He has a relaxed temperament and is already house trained, so should be OK to leave at home when I am away at my part time job. I would however like some to be able to keep an eye on him whilst I am at the office, just so I can check that he hasn’t made a mess on the carpet, or burrowed his way into the kitchen! Is monitoring a dog while at work possible to do this with a CCTV or an IP camera? The only computer I have is my laptop, which I have to take with me to work, will this pose a problem?  

A white dog wearing a scarf
Internet enabled IP cameras can help with monitoring a dog while at work- image via



Whether it’s looking after a dog, cat or even keeping an eye on the cleaner, it’s incredibly useful to be able to monitor rooms in your house whilst away or at work. In this case however, as there is no computer available to leave on whilst away, it is not possible to set up a webcam, which is a quite basic solution to which many users resort. In this case the way to go would be either a standalone IP camera or a kit that uses a separate recorder with a network connection.

Pan Tilt Wireless IP Camera

A black IP internet accessible PTZ camera
Our pan-tilt wireless IP camera is ideal for remote monitoring

The simplest solution would be to use one of our wireless IP cameras with pan and tilt control. IP cameras are similar to webcams in that they are designed specifically for viewing over the internet. One important difference however is that IP cameras have a built in webserver. In plain English, this essentially means that you can connect them directly to your router without having to be plugged in to a computer. It also means that once it has been set up you could place it anywhere in the flat with a wireless signal. Especially useful in this scenario, the camera is mounted on a motorised base, allowing it to pan and tilt, controlled remotely by the viewer- just the thing required to keep an excitable dog in the picture! This particular camera can be set up for viewing online via an internet browser, or even on a mobile device, with the camera’s movements controlled by a software interface. The device also has a MicroSD card slot, allowing you to record sections of footage. The camera even features night vision, allowing you to keep an eye on your pet when working for night shifts. The only real downside is that there is no easy way to add a second camera to monitor another room. To achieve that you would need something a little bit more in depth…

Wireless Spy Camera Kit with Mobile Access

2 Wireless Spy Camera Covert Home CCTV System w Motion Detect LAN DVR
This 2 camera kit is great if you need more in depth recording features

Whilst a bit more complex to set up, using a kit with a separate recorder such as this one give you quite a lot more flexibility to change recording settings and add extra cameras. This particular kit features two tiny wireless pinhole cameras that can easily be tucked away on a bookshelf or desk, letting you monitor your pet across two rooms without intrusive camera gear. Rather than plugging the cameras directly into your router, they connect to the included DVR, which then connects to your internet. This can then be viewed online in a very similar way to the IP camera, with the added bonus of a much larger hard drive if you want to record footage.

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