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Spy Camera Scenario: Shop Security Camera System to Catch Shoplifters

A stack of newspapers

I am the owner of a small corner shop and newsagent’s on a local high street. Over the last few months we have had quite a severe problem with shoplifters targeting the store, and I need to find a Shop Security System to catch them on CCTV so I can present the evidence to the police. Any cameras would have to be built to a professional standard and- most importantly- be able to capture enough detail to be useful to the police. Not only that, but I would need a way of checking the cameras whilst away from the store. Unfortunately, most systems that fit the bill are expensive 4 or 8 camera kits, when I only need a couple of cameras to cover my small property, and have a limited budget.



This has actually been quite a common question from our customers, as professional standard cameras are often reserved for much larger systems. With this in mind we have put together our brand new selection of 2 Camera Business CCTV Systems. Each of these kits uses cameras from our exclusive Gamut Black range, recording at 600TV lines. This easily exceeds the standard recommended by police for gathering detailed evidence, and is ideal for commercial use.  As each kit only includes 2 cameras, they are a great value option for owners who don’t need the extra coverage larger kits bring.


Currently our new kits are available with a choice of vandal proof dome cameras. These include our semi-transparent domes, designed to help conceal the lens from any potential shoplifters. This helps prevent them finding any ‘blind spots’ in your coverage. The cameras can also record in conditions as dark as 0.1 Lux, helping keep watch after hours.

Vandalproof CCTV Dome Camera with 600TVL SONY CCD Chip w 15m Infrared
Our compact Night Vision dome camera

Alternatively, if you know you will need footage from completely unlit areas throughout the night, then you can opt for our Infra Red dome cameras. These are incredibly small- only about the size of tennis balls- but they still pack power IR LEDs. These can illuminate subjects up to 15m away, even in complete darkness! Their casings are also made from durable aluminium, allowing them to be installed outdoors.

As with all of our larger systems, these kits comes complete with a feature packed CCTV Recorder, with Network connectivity. Simply put, this means you can connect the recorder to your router and check in on your cameras live over the internet. This provides an easy way to keep an eye on your property whilst away, and can even work using mobile devices such as an iPhone or tablet! The recorders also have 4 video channels, providing an easy way to expand your system’s coverage at a later date.

For more information on setting up CCTV for your business, the Information Commissioner’s Office has a comprehensive and helpful guide.

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