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Spy Camera Scenario: Use CCTV for steering a canal boat


I am retiring this year, and with some initial trepidation I have jumped in the deep end (so to speak) and purchased a narrow boat, so me and my wife can fulfll a long ambition in spending our days floating along Britain’s beautiful waterways. Unfortunately, our first trips have exposed a serious flaw in this plan- I appear to be incapable of steering the thing without colliding with anything remotely in my path. This was painfully demonstrated recently with an horrific incident involving a lock and an innocent rubber dinghy. Now, I’m sure experienced boaters will balk at my troubles and suggest more practice, but at this stage I’m genuinely fearful for the safety of my fellow canal-goers. Do you have anything that can help me with steering a canal boat?

Close up of a barge tied to a mooring
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Never fear! As with so many things previously reserved for the skilled or experienced, modern technology has leapt to the rescue to help the rest of us. In this case, this situation is a perfect application for our versatile Digital Wireless Reversing and Horse Box Camera. Don’t let the name fool you- whilst this was originally designed to be an effective way for large vehicles such as lorries to see whilst reversing, it has since proven itself ideal for a wide variety of similar roles. We have already, for example, seen how it can be used to keep an eye on the inside of your caravan from the towing vehicle, or watch over the inside of your horse box.

In addition to all of these roles, we have recently found this kit is incredibly popular with customers who own canal boats, as a way to help accurately steer, as well as keeping a general lookout for obstructions in front of their bow. With larger boats like narrow boats, it can be incredibly difficult to keep an accurate idea of the exact location of their bow whilst steering on the stern, meaning it can be nigh on impossible to navigate difficult sections like locks without assistance from a spotter at the front of the boat. This is where the camera comes in!

Fixing directly to the bow, the camera’s wide angle lens captures a clear view of everything in front of the boat. This is then transmitted using digital wireless technology to a 7″ colour screen, which can be installed by the boat’s stern deck, letting anyone steering the craft see a live view of the canal. Both the camera and screen have bare wire connections, meaning they can be easily wired into leisure batteries on the boat, or the screen can connect using a standard cigarette lighter adapter. The camera itself is IP66 water resistant, meaning it can easily stand up to spray and splashes from life on the water. The digital technology used to transmit the video helps prevent image breakdown and interference, helping ensure a reliable connection.

So, setting the camera up in this way should not only help steer your boat, but keep aware of potential obstructions around. After all, we know that navigating the waters can be difficult…

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