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Spy Camera Scenario: Using an IR repeater for CCTV


I help manage a small warehouse property on a trading estate. Recently there has been some break-ins on other properties on the estate, so we are now looking at improving our security systems. We have a small security office by the entrance of the property, across the car park from the warehouse, and want to have security monitors in this office viewing 4 cameras in the warehouse. Unfortunately we can’t run a cable, as it would have to pass over the car park, and we still need vandal proof cameras, so we’ve been told wired cameras with transmitters are the way to go. The prices for 4 transmitter packs however are quite expensive, and way beyond our budget. Are there any ways we can have a similar set up for within our budget, perhaps using an IR repeater?


This can be a tricky situation, and traditionally you can choose one of two options. Either a) set up 4 cameras in the warehouse, each with their own transmitter and receiver, each linked up to a DVR in the office; or b) set up 4 cameras in the warehouse, each wired up to a quad processor to create a 4 way split screen, then transmit this combined signal with one transmitter & receiver back to the office. The latter set up is ideal, as it lets you have complete freedom over where you place each transmitter, and allows complete control with a DVR in the office. The only downside is price, as each wireless kit costs upwards of 3 figures, and you need 4 of them to get it up and running. The latter option meanwhile is cost effective, as it only needs one transmitter/receiver kit, but then you have the problem of only having the cameras as a 4 way split-screen with no individual recording control, and a quarter of the resolution.

Luckily, there is now also a third option. Using one of our Digital wireless transmitter kits with an IR remote repeater lets you control devices such as DVRs all the way from a separate building. The two way communication digital wireless allows mean you can point a remote at the receiver device in the security office, and the controls you press will be sent to the DVR in the warehouse.  The allows you to set up the CCTV system in the following way:

4 Camera Long Range Wireless CCTV Farm Security Kit, 15m IR, 500GB DVR
Using an IR repeater allows you to control all 4 cameras using just one transmitter- much cheaper!
  • 4 Wired CCTV cameras set up in the warehouse
  • Each hard wired into one 4 channel DVR, also in the warehouse
  • DVR output transmitted from one transmitter
  • Receiver set up in the security office connected to monitor
  • IR remote repeater set up to control DVR from office

This set up provides the best of both worlds, giving you camera-by-camera control without the extensive cost. The ability to adjust the DVR also means you can change recording settings without having to enlist the help of a friend on the other end of a mobile phone to press buttons on the unit. In fact, it’s such a useful kit that we went ahead and put it together for you!

IR remote repeater cables
Our remote repeaters are simple to set up

The repeater itself is really easy to set up. Just plug the first unit into the receiver, and then plug the corresponding unit into the transmitter. Make sure the connected IR emitter has a line of sight to the front of your DVR unit. That’s all there is to it!

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