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Spy Camera Scenario: Watching my horse during foaling season


It’s foaling season and I’m finding it stressful having to keep a very close eye on my mares during this time. I don’t want to have to keep disturbing them when they are already feeling uneasy; so I am looking for something that will give me round the clock observation and that will let me know when the foals are making an appearance.




This long range system Horse Foaling Camera Kit comes with 2 antennae which together give you 200-300m range, ideal for putting out in the barn with the horses. The cameras themselves take not only high quality video, but audio as well. Perfect for when your foals are arriving and you need to be woken up during the night.

This kit is easy to install, as all you have to do is connect the camera to the transmitter which can be mounted on the outside of your barn for maximum transmission range. The second antenna connects into the receiver which you can then plug into your TV through normal AV connectors; these are the small round Red, Yellow and White sockets. You can also connect to a PC/Laptop, with a USB adapter and watch the footage on this instead.

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