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  • March 7, 2014

    Using CCTV to protect your car from vandals

    As one of the most expensive single items that many of us will own, cars and vehicles are unfortunately a prime target for malicious vandals. In fact, it is such a common issue that vehicle vandalism is probably the single most common specific home security issue that we help customers with. Whether it’s senseless damage by local youths, or malicious attacks from feuding neighbours, it is always an incredibly costly and stressful problem to deal with. Unfortunately, whilst it’s one of the most frequent questions, the fact that many people have to park their cars on the street away from the building also makes it a frustratingly difficult one to solve. Essentially, there are two ways to go about solving the issue.

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  • February 7, 2014

    Spy Camera Scenario: Preventing Copper Theft


    I run a small Dental practice serving the local community. Unfortunately our services have recently been severely disrupted because Copper thieves removed a large quantity of cabling that was run around the exterior of her building. This is a very bad situation for her, as the cabling was connected to vital systems in the practice, as well as our alarm system. We already have a wireless CCTV camera for the interior, but we realised this would not be of use for this purpose, as the power cables will be exposed, so the cable thieves could just as easily cut them. Also the image quality, whilst ideal for our current use, would not be enough to get a conviction should it go to court. What CCTV could you recommend for preventing copper theft?

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  • January 31, 2014

    Spy Camera Scenario: Remotely Monitoring a Dog While at Work


    I have recently adopted a lovely terrier from a dog’s home. He has a relaxed temperament and is already house trained, so should be OK to leave at home when I am away at my part time job. I would however like some to be able to keep an eye on him whilst I am at the office, just so I can check that he hasn’t made a mess on the carpet, or burrowed his way into the kitchen! Is monitoring a dog while at work possible to do this with a CCTV or an IP camera? The only computer I have is my laptop, which I have to take with me to work, will this pose a problem? 


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  • November 15, 2013

    Spy Camera Scenario: Help when reversing a caravan?


    I own a large caravan that I often use for weekend trips (when the great British Summer allows). Due to restrictions for parking, I inevitably have to reverse with it attached, and this is a constant source of anxiety.  Naturally, there is quite a large blind spot directly behind the caravan, and even with the addition of extended wing mirrors, I cannot get a clear view. A recent near miss with the neighbour’s cat has confirmed that I need to find some way of remotely monitoring behind the vehicle whilst backing up. Basically, is there a camera available that can help me with reversing a caravan?

    Car pulling a caravan on a dual carriageway
    Image- Highways agency via Flickr


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  • October 21, 2013

    SpyCameraCCTV’s Spooky Sponsorship for Halloween

    Halloween is lurking around the corner and to celebrate this year we’re sponsoring Paranormal Investigators GraysEncounters.  Gray and his team have been investigating the paranormal for many years and do so on a voluntary basis. Each member of the team has a keen interest in learning more about what happens to us after we die and uncovering the truth behind paranormal events.

    GraysEncounters Paranormal Investigation Dudley Castle
    The GraysEncounters Team at Dudley Castle


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  • September 16, 2013

    Spy Camera Scenario: Setting up an Office CCTV System

    I am the manager in a large sales office, spread across several floors in our property. Unfortunately, due to suspicions of theft, we are currently in the market for a multi-camera Office CCTV system. However, because of the amount of cabling we already have, we would like to avoid running any new AV cables to the cameras. It is also vital that the images are free from interference and have a stable signal.

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  • June 5, 2013

    Spy Camera Scenario: Someone’s Fly Tipping on my land


    I am a farmer who owns a large property in remote location in rural Dorset. Over the last few years I have been seeing increasingly severe amounts of fly tipping by the access roads to my land. The amount of trash is only increasing, and includes rubbish such as old fridges that are incredibly costly to be responsibly disposed of. The guilty parties seem to be driving up in the middle of the night and unloading their rubbish in areas quite far away from the main buildings. I want to set up some night vision cameras to catch them red handed, but because of the location there is no chance of running mains power to the site. Despite this, any monitoring equipment has to have a long standby time, as we don’t know exactly when these ne’er-do-wells are dropping it off!

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  • May 23, 2013

    Cracking Down on Fraud!

    Fraud is something we all have to be aware of – customers and businesses alike and unfortunately the fraud crime rate is increasing.

    Here at SpyCameraCCTV we’re hot on the heels of those pesky fraudsters and we’ve seen some great results from our efforts. We have strict but effective processes in place to help us detect fraudulent transactions via phone and web orders and these have proven to be effective in combating fraud – we’ve even had one arrest as a result of our fraud detective work!

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  • May 13, 2013

    Spy Camera Scenario: Is Someone Stealing From My Desk Drawer?


    I work in the accounts department in a medium sized company selling Business to Business. Recently, I have been concerned that other people in the office have been reading private and sensitive documents kept in my desk drawer. Only a few people have access to the office, but I need a covert surveillance system to catch one of them red handed in order to prove my case to management. Is there anything I can install in my drawer to record one of them in the act?


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