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UFOs in Russia, Meat Thief and a Charity Box Thief – CCTV News This Week

In our CCTV news this week we see UFOs speeding around an industrial site in Russia and a thief who took a Bernardos charity box from a gift shop in Bristol.

CCTV Captures UFO 

CCTV footage from an industrial site in Prokopyevsky, Russia has been released showing flying objects near the site.


The video was released by the Alien Disclosure Group with the suggestion it’s a UFO.

One YouTube comment on the video said: “I see up to 12 of these a day in Shrewsbury UK, you can call them, they respond to telepathic communication. They generally appear at night in order to evade detection by a paranoid and largely hostile military”.

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Charity Box Thief

Police have released this image of a man that they would like to speak to in relation to the theft of a children’s charity box in Bristol.

The Bernardos charity box was stolen from a gift shop on 29th April.

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CCTV of Meat Thief

Meat Thief in Walthamstow

Police in Waltham Forest have released a CCTV image of a man suspected to have stolen £38 worth of steak.

It’s believed that he stole a 10 pack of sirloin steak worth £38.

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Toddler Falls Between Train and Platform

This is the shocking moment that a toddler fell in the gap between the train and platform when stepping off the train with her mother.

The mother was getting the pram of the train when her daughter fell but luckily other passengers quickly came to their aid and the child was back up within 25 seconds.

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