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Using our DVR internet setup service

With the seeming ubiquity of smartphones and tablets, we’re used to having access to information right at our fingertips. It’s no surprise then that the latest generation of CCTV equipment has been built with this in mind. Network-enabled recorders and IP cameras allow you to easily log in to view your security footage and recordings remotely over the internet, allowing you to keep an eye on your loved ones, property or stock from wherever you are in the world (with wifi or mobile reception, naturally).  Naturally, all of our multi-channel CCTV recorders now feature this remote access. Depending on the model this allows to to view and control cameras over the internet, as well as on mobile devices including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone handsets. But just how easy is it to get these features up and running?

Leave all the hassle to us

Of course, we provide full instructions for setting up the online access for all of our products, and most customers with a basic knowledge of routers and IP addresses can get them fully configured no problem. For those less technically inclined however, we also offer a simple DVR internet setup service to get the recorder completely set up on your network for you. For a one-time fee, we can book an appointment where one of our tech support experts remotely logs on to your PC, using some free software called TeamViewer. This means they can get everything sorted for you, and you don’t even have to make them a cup of tea whilst you wait! As well as the initial configuration, the fee also covers 3 months of ongoing support, just in case you have any teething troubles with the system. If your DVR model features it as an option, we can also get your CCTV fully set up for viewing on your mobile, on any compatible handset.

720p HD 4 IP Camera Security System with IR, POE and 500GB HDMI NVR
Our IP Camera systems can be viewed online or on mobile

How to prepare for your DVR internet setup

Once you have placed the order for the setup on our website, one of our advisers will give you a quick call to arrange an appointment for the service, usually within a couple of days (excluding weekends and bank holidays). The appointment itself should take between 30 minutes and an hour, during which time you can either be guided through the process by us, or just leave us to do it whilst you kick back in front of the TV! In advance of the setup we you will just need to ensure a couple of things are prepared:

  • Your DVR is plugged into a TV or monitor so you can navigate the menus
  • The DVR is connected to your internet router with an Ethernet cable
  • You have access to your network’s admin username and password (not to be confused with your wifi password!)

And that’s all there is to it! If you have any questions about the service, or would like to book an appointment, just get in touch!

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