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Using spy gadgets in everyday life

Here at SpyCameraCCTV, we stock a massive range of Spy Gadgets and Hidden Cameras- enough to support the missions of many budding international agents! Whilst they are great fun to use, they are also perfect for a whole range of surveillance and security assignments. Perhaps you suspect the cleaners are stealing, or maybe you just want to keep an eye on the office! Here are some suggestions for our most popular Gadgets-

Sound Activated Hidden Spy Camera Pen
Sound Activated Hidden Spy Camera Pen with 8GB Memory Records for 3Hrs

One of our best selling items, this unassuming ballpoint pen conceals a tiny video camera, capable of recording high resolution videos! It features audio triggering, so is perfect to leave inconspicuously sitting on a desk or in your cubicle to pick up any secret conversations. Cleverly, the location of the Pinhole Camera means you can also keep it in your top pocket, with the camera peeping out to record everything in front of you- this makes this Spy Pen one of our most versatile recorders!

Waterproof Hidden Camera Spy Watch
Hidden Camera Waterproof Spy Watch With High Resolution 4Gb Mini DVR

Now, this Spy Gadget may look like one for the James Bond fans, but it’s not only for wannabe secret agents! This slick watch holds a camera capable of recording high resolution video and stills, providing a great way to make recordings whilst on the move. For example, this is a perfect way to record videos on the way to work, or when out in the field.

Spy Camera Hidden In PC Speakers with SD Recording
480 TV Line Spy Camera hidden in PC Speakers with SD Card Recording

Now these are a truly classy way to keep an eye on your office! These stylish modern PC speakers not only hide a mini 480TV Line camera, but a recorder that uses standard SD memory cards! This means they can use an advanced Motion Detection mode, triggering video recording every time movement occurs. They even have a scheduled mode, allowing you to program in recording times. No one would ever suspect these sleek speakers on your desk would be capturing them on camera!

Hidden Wireless IP Camera Alarm Clock with WiFi
Hidden Wireless IP Camera Projection Alarm Clock DVR WiFi LAN Sony CCD

There are times when you will want to keep watch over your home and property when you’re away, and this Cunning IP Camera Alarm clock is a great solution! The built in camera can be connected to a network, allowing you to log in from anywhere in the world and check live CCTV footage over the internet! To get this feature using standard cameras would require an expensive standalone recorder, but this solution means you only need the one device. Crucially, the camera can work over WiFi as well, meaning that- once the device is set up- you won’t need to connect it to any suspicious looking network cables! This is an ideal Camera to place on a bedside table or dresser, as it simply looks like standard radio alarm clock.

Of course, all of these Spy Cameras can also function as whatever they are disguised as- so you won’t have to panic if someone asks to use your pen or radio!

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