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100m Reel RG59 Coaxial Shotgun CCTV Video Cable with DC Power Line

Product Code: 100MRG59DC
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Looking for an economical cabling solution for a large CCTV installation? This 100m reel of the shielded coaxial cable features parallel lines of RG59 and DC power wires, allowing you to use it to carry both video and power from your camera. This 2-way cable helps you save both money and time when wiring up a multi-camera system. As this reel is completely uncut, it also provides much more flexibility than standard cables, as you can cut it to exactly the size you need on-site!

To prepare the cable, all you need is to add a pair of our twist fit BNC connectors to the ends. These don't need any special tools to install, just a knife to cut back the flex. Then, just add a pair of our Power Jack connectors to fit in your 12V mains supply. Again, no special tools are required, it's no more tricky than wiring a stereo.

100m RG59 cable
This 100m reel is an ideal economical cabling solution for any large scale CCTV installation

2 Way Cable
This cable features parallel lines for video and DC power, meaning you only have to run one cable out to each camera

Aluminium Foil Shielding
Helps prevent signal breakdown at a lower cost than professional copper shielded cables

Weatherproof Jacket
Both cable lines are protected by a durable PVC jacket, allowing them to be used for outdoor installations

Interval Markings
The cable is marked every metre, making it simple to quickly cut to size

Easy to wire
By using our twist fit BNC and power jack connectors, you can cut and terminate the cable without the need for any specialist tools

    Cable Length: 100 Metres
    Cable Type: 1x Coaxial RG59 2x Stranded Low Voltage
    Resistance: 75 Ohm