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Gamut CCTV boxes

The Best CCTV System for Your Home

We all work towards creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere for our families. We pick a friendly neighbour, we install gates, and we ensure that the trees in our garden provide us with enough privacy. However, incidents can happen, and burglars are often on the lookout for the right opportunity to strike. 

Here at SpyCameraCCTV, we have helped thousands of homeowners find the right security system for their homes and businesses. So, we know that the main features a CCTV system needs to have include affordability, discretion, and efficiency. That is why today, we are proud to include the Gamut CCTV cameras in our collection. Our Gamut CCTV equipment allows you to create tailored security solutions for your property on a budget without sacrificing quality. Here is all you need to know.

Gamut CCTV

Gamut Home Security Systems - All You Need To Know

Gamut home security systems are designed to be revolutionary products in the field of CCTV cameras and security. Indeed, encased in a discrete but extremely weather resistant case are professional-grade security cameras. They can be positioned anywhere around your residential or commercial property, and they are designed to withstand the challenges of any application.

Gamut CCTV - An Affordable and Efficient Option For Any Home

While Gamut CCTV cameras yield impressive results, they are among the most affordable options on the market. With these models, you don’t need to compromise between efficiency and budget. Here are the different types of camera to choose from.

Gamut Bullet Cameras

Gamut bullet cameras are among the most popular models. Bullet cameras are common in commercial properties, and they provide discrete yet highly efficient footage in ample spaces. However, Gamut models are game-changers! These cameras are small yet potent enough to provide perfect vision at any time of the day and night - up to 30 metres away!

Gamut Turret Cameras

Turret cameras are often referred to as “Eyeballs” because of their look. They come in a similar shape to dome cameras - which allows them to be highly versatile and inspect spaces from several angles. However, the Gamut Turret models substitute the glass case for a solid, vandal-proof, and weatherproof IP66-rated casing. 

Gamut Pinhole Cameras

Gamut technology has made these cameras among the best ones on the market, and a discrete solution such as pinhole cameras could not have been missing from our range! These cameras are extremely small and can be fitted in a hidden location around the house. They are not immediately visible and highly effective - especially in commercial settings where you wish your customers to feel at ease. 

Gamut 8 camera CCTV system

Need instructions to help you install and operate your Gamut cameras? Try our thorough Gamut CCTV system user manuals and installation guides.

Gamut don’t have an app but you can connect their systems with CCTV camera viewers like; RXCamView, here is how to connect your Gamut CCTV camera.

Gamut Security Systems - The Features That Count

The Gamut security systems have been in continuous development, and today, they are among the best ones on the market. Aside from their low price, the characteristics that set them apart from any other camera are the following ones. 

Wireless Models

Within the Gamut range, you can find wireless models. This allows you to set them up anywhere on your property’s perimeter, without the need for unsightly cables and wires ruining your home’s façade. Setting up wireless cameras is easy, and they are complete with an integrated battery that is fully rechargeable, so you can enjoy months of footage without having to deal with cables and connections. These cameras are also compatible with Apple and Android devices, so you always know what’s happening around your property. 

HD Footage

The Gamut cameras can be one of the best for your home for many reasons, but their high-quality footage is one of the main benefits. Each camera comes with a one terabyte hard drive where you can store several months of continuous footage without running out of memory space. 

Each Gamut camera also delivers a 1080p High-Definition Video that is packed with enough details to always know what is going on at your home or business. The latest models also boast bi-directional microphones that allow you to directly interact with a person that is close enough to the camera - directly from your phone!

Night Vision

As we have seen, the Gamut cameras offer one of the best video qualities out there - and not only during the day! If you wish to have full coverage of what is happening in and around your property at night-time, Gamut cameras can offer the reliable, comprehensive security that you want. The infrared LEDs in the camera provide a clear vision up to 30 meters away and illuminate subjects located over 8 meters away. So you can enjoy 24/7 monitoring. 

Weatherproof Casing

Every Gamut camera is tested to withstand moisture and rain - and the durable metal housing makes it completely weatherproof! The Gamut cameras are created to provide you with years of clear footage with minimal maintenance. Additionally, the strong case allows you to have peace of mind that your security system is shock- and vandal-proof.

Long-Lasting Batteries

One of the greatest advantages of Gamut cameras is their PIR sensor. This is a small sensor that has the role of detecting a moving subject when approaching the property. The sensor can do so by detecting a body’s heat and only start the recording when sensing a person. This means that during the rest of the time, the camera goes on standby - or “sleep” mode. Extended battery options can give  you to get up to 6 months’ worth of footage in just one charge!

Gamut CCTV cameras and systems receive an average rating of 4.55 stars out of 5 from SpyCameraCCTV customers. Our customers frequently mention the advantages of Gamut cameras as being “easy to set up” and offering “great picture quality”. 

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