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Why is my camera offline? - Meanings and solutions of error codes in XMEye & iCSee

Why is my camera offline? - Meanings and solutions of error codes in XMEye & iCSee

Setting up a camera to connect to your internet is usually easy these days, but if something goes wrong then it can get very complicated, very quickly. This article is intended to help people determine the cause of any connection issues when using one of our Wi-Fi or wired bird box cameras.

Not all of these issues have an easy solution but I have included some potential steps to take once the cause of your issue has been identified. 

This is a list of the most common error codes that are displayed by the XMEye or iCSee apps, and their meanings. These apps are incredibly popular because they are used with cameras sold by a huge number of different companies; the 'brains' of the cameras are made by the same company (Xiongmai), thus the underlying technology is the same, so the cameras are all compatible with the same apps.

This article has become popular recently, so it seems that information on these error codes is limited. If you try one of these solutions and it does not work, or you have any comments at all, please provide some feedback.

Table of contents

Error-11204: Too many people are watching the live feed simultaneously

  • Change the camera password to limit access to yourself.
  • Reboot the camera to stop all current viewing sessions.

Error-11300: Limited account permissions

This error probably means that the account you are using to log into the camera (not the account for the app) has limited permissions, and the action that was just attempted is not allowed on that account.

  • If this is your camera, add the camera to the app again (using the serial number is usually easiest) but use the administrator account instead. The username will almost always be 'admin', and the password will be blank or one set by the person who set up the camera.
  • Ask the owner of the camera to allow your account more permissions.

Error-11301: Incorrect password used to log into the iCSee/XMEye account

  • Only one account can be assigned to each email address, so check the email address hasn't already been used before.
  • Check your password to make sure it is correct.
  • Reset the account password.
  • Create a new account and re-add the camera it. Make sure to find and write down the serial number of the camera before exiting 'Local Login' mode, so you can easily re-add it once logged back in.

Error-11302: No account/email was found with the details entered

Error-11307: Device does not exist or is offline

  • If this is the first time the device has been added to this device, then verify the serial number/Cloud ID used is correct.
  • If the device was previously working, log into the device using a local connection and check if it is still connected to the internet router.
  • Make sure that the internet router is still connected to the internet.

Error-11314-11315: Incorrect password used to log into the camera

  • Check the password used is correct.
  • Try leaving the password field blank, these cameras have no default password.
  • Reset the camera password if you cannot remember. Read this guide if you have a wired IP bird box camera. If you have a Wi-Fi bird box camera then reset the camera settings (including the password) by holding down the white button for 15-30 seconds. The camera will make a clicking sound, which means it has been reset to factory defaults and the password is now blank.

Error-11303: Account temporarily locked due to too many incorrect password attempts

  • You need to wait for an hour or so and the device will automatically unlock.

Error-10005: Network timeout or changing network environment

This error is more vague than most, but it refers to issues relating to the network settings on the camera, or the network that the camera is connected to.

If none of these solutions resolve your issue, it may help to reset the camera and reconnect it, especially if it was working well previously. You can also create a support ticket on our help site to ask for advice from one of our Helpdesk team.

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